How to get the ideal metal packaging for your perfumes


In the cosmetics and perfumery sector, it is really important to achieve a quality product that is highly attractive to the eye. Not just the packaging itself, but also the packaging that precedes it, because with the right packaging, product sales can skyrocket. So today we are going to help you discover how to get the ideal metal packaging for your perfumes

Do you want your perfume to stand out and become the object of people’s attention and desires? Don’t think twice and go for a perfumery packaging to match your customers’ needs

It is true that the tastes and needs of consumers change over time and now we are not looking for the same as a few years ago. The change of mentality and the natural evolution of society makes us modify our consumption patterns, so it is necessary to really know what your customers want. 

It is in this context that you need to make the best decisions regarding the packaging of your product. Nowadays, sustainability and environmental protection are gaining more and more ground. But how can I adapt my product and its packaging to this new reality? Metal packaging is the key due to its recyclability and long life cycle. 

At Eurobox we are experts in the manufacture of metal packaging for the perfumery sector and we have the experience of having worked with brands that are looking for an extra point of differentiation and want to surprise their customers with a unique and exclusive product. 

Do you also want to get the ideal metal packaging for your perfumes? Keep reading this post and find out why you should choose Eurobox.    

Opt for made-to-measure packaging 

Without a doubt, one of the qualities that most differentiates us from our competitors is our ability to adapt to the needs and demands of our customers. Each one of the metal packaging that we make meets the requirements set by our customers to make customised, high quality packaging

You decide what you want and how you want it to make your article a star product in the sales process. Nowadays the content is as important as the packaging (as we have introduced), so customised packaging is the best option for you.  

But do not make the mistake of thinking only about the design (its visual appearance), because conservation and protection are the essence of success and selling more. An attractive design will undoubtedly be the centre of attention, but what is really important is to protect it with exclusive metal packaging. 

Choose the best finish for your product 

To make it easy for you, at Eurobox we have the best finishes and effects to bring your premium packaging to life. As we have already mentioned, we customise each of the packaging we manufacture to meet all your needs, so success is guaranteed if you choose us. 

Our experts will help you to offer that extra that your customers and products deserve. Choose from mirror effect, Swarosky, glitter, micro-embossing, pearl effect, flocking, lenticular or 3D embossing. And do not hesitate to contact us to find out about all your possibilities. 

The best packaging for perfumery at Eurobox

As we have already mentioned, at Eurobox we have worked with major brands in the perfumery sector to carry out their projects and create exclusive packaging. So that you can get to know them a little better and decide to choose us, we are going to tell you about some of the projects we have carried out over the years and which have been a real success.

Some of them are: 

  • Classique and Classique X Collection by Jean Paul Gaultier. For Jean Paul Gaultier’s packaging we work with two different finishes and effects to make each of his items stand out individually. In Classique we use a pearl effect finish to create contrasts that vary according to the incidence of light on the surface of the packaging. While Classique X Collection opted for an elegant and very attractive flocked effect
  • Invictus by Paco Rabanne. In particular, it stands out for the elevation of up to 10 mm. in some of the areas of the cup, a work that has been developed thanks to specific moulds and machinery and, of course, to our experience in the sector of the manufacture of metal cases. 
  • 212 VIP Carolina Herrera. For this perfume we opted for a premium packaging with a mirror effect with a great attraction. It stands out mainly because the gloss effect laminate of this packaging is an exclusive Eurobox creation, suggesting that it cannot be found in any other manufacturer.   

Discover them in more detail in 5 metal containers that speak for themselves


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