& Certifications

At Eurobox, with metal as a raw material, 

we are committed to eco-sustainable solutions 

promoting the circular economy.

& Certifications

At Eurobox, with metal as a raw material, we are committed to eco-sustainable solutions promoting the circular economy.


Sustainability and circular economy are key to promote growth in new markets, nowadays more and more companies are reinforcing the concept of sustainable growth in their values, so at Eurobox, our commitment to the environment leads us to be in a constant search for solutions in the research of new technologies, focusing on optimizing resources and industrial processes in favor of eco-sustainability.

The metal container has become one of the best alternatives for packaging products as they are more resistant, have greater durability, and are 100% recyclable.

Around 400 million tons of metal are recycled around the world each year, which is why the numbers reveal the importance of recycling as much metal as possible.

Currently the energy saved by recycling 100 cans would light a room for two weeks.
In Europe, steel has a recyclability rate of 84% and according to APEAL data, almost half of the aluminum produced comes from recycled steel, and the rate is currently 58%.

We are the present
We are the future.

Sustainable RAW material

Tinplate is a metal that is made up of steel and iron. We use High Quality European Raw Material in the manufacture of our containers, which allows us to develop sustainable and recyclable containers, offering quality to our customers.

BPA Free Varnish

All our containers are covered with varnish on the inside with compounds used free of Bisphenol A, allowing contact with food, thus avoiding contamination of the product and the users who consume it.

Extend the life of the packaging

Committing to a metal packaging is synonymous with durability and resistance, since the properties of the metal allow to obtain an elegant packaging that is resistant at the same time, that is why we promote a new concept, to extend the life of the container by reusing it and using it as an element collectible.
We expand the concept of packaging as an everyday element.


Company reference: ZC1013242

The world’s leading social audit, which allows companies to assess and monitor the health and safety of workers, and to indicate zero tolerance for human rights abuses.
The ISO 9001: 2015 Standard prepared by the International Organization for Standardization establishes what requirements we must meet in order to have an appropriate quality management system.


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