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Metal Packaging for optimal presentation

We dress up with this packaging that combines a set of varnishes and weft to achieve this wonderful and eye-catching result. It also comes equipped with an inner lid.

Our designs will follow your product line in order to create the perfect metal packaging. Get a different presentation and you will catch your target public with a single glance.

All in black...
and gold

A total black design combined with gold-effect lettering make this packaging a real treat for the senses. It has an outer lid, embossing on all four sides and a beautiful glossy and matt effect.

The best options for your company are waiting for you at Eurobox. Quality in all finishes, the elegance and style you are looking for your brand.

Let it snow!

Smelling a bit like Christmas?

With this beautiful Beefeater packaging with its colourful Christmas motifs, you’re sure to catch the eye of even the most curious onlookers. It has an inner lid and a matt varnish. Designed to be stackable.

At Eurobox, we work with the best quality materials to offer you a unique result that will make a difference. Wrap your products with our packaging, you will get really unique finishes that you will find nowhere else. .

Seduction and elegance in its purest form

Pure delicacy and style. A container designed to seduce, with its velvet texture, it has an outer lid and several embossing around it. Suitable for stacking. 

The best processes for the best products, our collection of finishes together with our know-how, allow us to offer high quality packaging.

Premium Finishes

Mirror Effect

Swarovski Cristal

Glitter Effect


High definition


Velour Texture

3D Hi Definition



Super bright


Soft Touch

to the environment

At Eurobox, with metal as a raw material, we are committed to eco-sustainable solutions promoting the circular economy.

We manufacture in Spain

Our containers are manufactured under the Made in Europe seal, this being a great advantage thanks to the proximity to our customers, since it means a reduction in costs and delivery times, accelerating the different phases that make up a project.

Your change begins here

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Or call us +34 96 654 49 07

Or call us
+34 96 654 49 07

At eurobox, we are specialised manufacturers of customised packaging. Our specialisation in the metal packaging sector has led us to become major manufacturers of packaging for beverages and perfume packaging, a category in which we have been developing our work for several years.

Major brands in the sector have already trusted us, so we advise you to have complete confidence in our processes. You will get the beverage packaging that your final product needs. With our help you will be able to capture the attention and mark the character of your company, through the packaging for drinks that we offer.

As you know, the beverage sector is highly competitive to reach top sales. A detail that you can easily achieve if you have premium products, those that bring added value to the purchase of your target audience.

But if your high-end product doesn’t have good beverage packaging… You won’t be the king of your sector.

This is where our work comes in, as beverage packaging manufacturers, we put all our processes at your service, so that the beverage packaging you offer along with your premium product is up to your standards

The best way to attract attention and stand out from your competition is through customised beverage packaging.

Unique finishes and details will add to your final product to make its quality and premium features stand out from the competition.

As beverage packaging manufacturers, we have unique processes that will offer the best finishes for all your products. A new world is presented to you, with more than a hundred options for your brand’s beverage packaging to achieve that differentiating aspect you need to attract the attention of your final customer.

The most professional finishes, the options that will differentiate your products are waiting for you at Eurobox. We are Spanish packaging manufacturers, we have really cutting-edge processes that will give your products the final touch of quality and distinction that you need.

Make the difference with packaging for drinks or perfume packaging for your products, discover the easiest way to catch the eye in any space.

Your premium beverages will have a unique quality and elegant presentation that will help you to increase the sales of your products in the beverage sector.

Contact our specialists, we are ready to make your dreams come true. Tell us about the design you need to implement in your beverage packaging and we will provide you with customised beverage packaging that perfectly suits your needs.

In our offer you will find several sectors to which we are dedicated, for which we offer the best solutions and finishes that vary depending on the product.

Tailor-made packaging is essential for any brand that wants to offer a clearer view of its values to its target public, so dare the world to get to know you!

The packaging you need is waiting for you at Eurobox.

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Tell us about your project and we will advise you

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