Management Policy

The Management of ENVASES METÁLICOS EUROBOX, S.L, a company dedicated to the production of metal containers, through this document aims to establish the main guidelines of the company in order to:

Ensure continuous improvement of the service provided, always satisfying both the requirements requested by customers as well as the applicable regulations and/or legal requirements, regardless of their nature: quality, environment, health and safety, social responsibility, food safety.
That our clients perceive and appreciate our continuous improvement, through continuous and personalized contact, assuming responsibility towards our clients.
The company assigns people responsible for contact with the client with whom it carries out close management by telephone, e-mail and some visits in person.
Achieve a high degree of food safety for our products, satisfying all legal requirements.
In order to achieve this goal, the company has been certified annually since 2018 according to the Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials Issue 5 – BRC/IoP system.
Offer products that meet the highest demands of our customers.
Ensure an adequate relationship with the environment by maintaining control of energy consumption in relation to the tons of tinplate processed. Maintain or reduce water consumption for hygiene in relation to the tons of tinplate processed.
Ensure the safety and health of workers. For this, the company has contracted an occupational risk diagnosis and prevention service.
Guarantee social responsibility and human rights in all its operations. The company guarantees that it will comply with Spanish and European legislation.

To this end, and always having as a reference the BRC World Food Safety Standard, ISO 9001 Quality Management, SEDEX-SMETA Ethical Trade, the general management assumes and extends the commitment to:

Comply with the Management Policy (quality, health and safety, food safety and social responsibility), and LEAD the development and implementation of the Management System and always seek the path towards continuous improvement of its effectiveness, establishing ambitious objectives in that direction. .
Maintain continuous contact with the interested parties, to learn about their impacts and needs, minimizing the cost to society, frequently contacting customers and public bodies.
Ensure that all personnel comply with the provisions of the manuals and procedures, always acting with a preventive mentality, offering means to achieve it.
Increase the degree of training of our staff that results in greater personal satisfaction, an improvement in the work environment, an improvement both in the provision of our services and in the food safety of our products, a lower cost to the environment and to persons.

EUROBOX will annually establish a strategic plan where the objectives aimed at guaranteeing the content of this quality, food safety and environment policy are collected.

As far as Eurobox’s policy on environmental sustainability is concerned, Eurobox strives to use the energy and water resources it consumes efficiently, managing them sustainably, and our goal is to minimize waste.
For this, the control and monitoring of electrical, water and waste consumption will be carried out.

Regarding the business ethics policy, Eurobox declares to comply with human rights in its business activity, following the OECD guidelines for companies 2000, the UN global compact, the ILO conventions 87, 138 and 182 and the convention of the UN on the rights of children article 32.
The guide “Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights” is taken as a reference document for the implementation of the United Nations framework – protect, respect and remedy (UNGP values).

In addition, it is important to emphasize that the company does not carry out tests on animals or have any mishap on the ground where it is located and that it trains its workers who have contact with clients and suppliers in business ethics.
In the event that any interested party observes breaches of the business principles, Eurobox makes several communication channels available to report and will not carry out retaliation against the informant:

Telephone: +34 96 654 49 07
Postal mail: Av. Benidorm, 20 – 03814 – Benasau (Alicante)
Suggestion box at the Eurobox facilities


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