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Shine with no limits

We are not afraid of glitter, we think it is a perfect effect to stand out, and at the same time it gives a plus of personality to each packaging.

That’s why this packaging stands out for the application of glitter on tinplate, it also has an outer lid and a plus of functionality as it is fully stackable.

Metallic and very stylish

Who doesn’t like nougat? And if it comes in a metallic box, even more so! Give that added value to your product with this packaging that combines shiny inks with gold motifs, it also has an outer lid. It is suitable for stacking.

We develop customised packaging. The perfect packaging for all your food products to maintain their characteristics over time.

Silver, embossing and lots of colour

A packaging created from a combination of inks and embossing with a dreamy silver background.

Each packaging is exclusive, our professionals adapt all the processes to your needs. In this way, your product will have a finish that will capture the attention of your target audience.

With a design in line with your food product, the packaging will help you stand out from the competition

A very tempting design

It’s never a bad time for a chocolate in a cup. And if its packaging is as appetizing as this one, it’s even harder to say no to it. This container has a double lid and a rectangular shape for maximum space utilisation.

The perfect packaging for all your food products to preserve their characteristics over time.

Premium Finishes

Mirror Effect

Swarovski Cristal

Glitter Effect


High definition


Velour Texture

3D Hi Definition



Super bright


Soft Touch

to the environment

At Eurobox, with metal as a raw material, we are committed to eco-sustainable solutions promoting the circular economy.

We manufacture in Spain

Our containers are manufactured under the Made in Europe seal, this being a great advantage thanks to the proximity to our customers, since it means a reduction in costs and delivery times, accelerating the different phases that make up a project.

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Or call us
+34 96 654 49 07

Each food product is different, with different benefits and values that make it stand out from other products. If your products differ according to their shape, colour or size… We recommend that they also differ according to their packaging.

You should know that food packaging, as well as perfume packaging, is really useful. Above all, so that the product inside finds the perfect way to stand out from the rest of your competition. Find the perfect food packaging and give your product some unique features that you can only offer through good food packaging.

Are you ready for your products to find the food packaging they deserve?

Perfection and customisation are the main characteristics of Eurobox, the two fundamental pillars on which our work is based. We are a company specialised in the manufacture of food packaging, so we know all the needs of your product.

As food packaging manufacturers, we offer you great possibilities to find your customised food packaging. Your products can still be differentiated according to their shape and colour, but now they will also be differentiated according to their secondary food packaging. Get your sales to start growing!

What is secondary food packaging?

Secondary food packaging is all packaging that is not in direct contact with the food. In other words, that which preserves the food but is not its main packaging.

Therefore, we can say that the primary food packaging will be the cans that include canned food, tins or other plastic containers that surround the food with direct contact.

At Eurobox we work with secondary packaging, as our speciality is made-to-measure metal food packaging.

How does Eurobox work with this type of food packaging?

Our work as manufacturers of secondary food packaging is mainly based on the personalisation of the packaging.

With our customised food packaging, you can finally achieve the finishes that your product deserves. Unique details that only we can help you achieve through our experience.

Our main customers endorse our work and the professionalism of all our finishes. Contact our professionals to make your food packaging unique!

With the finishes that we offer you at Eurobox Packaging, you will discover the other side of your product. You will be able to show it as you intended it to be displayed in any space.

Your final product will have the look it deserves, designed to capture the attention of your final customers. Get ready to get the food packaging that your brand deserves!

At Eurobox we offer you the highest level of customisation for your food packaging, from the quality of the printing to the type of format you need, as well as all the small details and finishes you request. Everything, worked out so that your customized food packaging exceeds all the expectations of your approach.

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