Discover our collection of premium techniques and effects on recycled tinplate

Mirror effect

Developed exclusively by Eurobox and awarded by the Pentawards and Can Maker, one of the most prestigious awards in the metal sector worldwide.

It consists of the use of high quality raw material with a special laminate that provides a mirror shine, never seen before.

Swarovski Crystals

At Eurobox we offer you the possibility of personalising your packaging to the highest level, applying Swarovski stones one by one by a team of specialists so that each container represents a collector’s item.

Glitter Effect

Inspired by the world of fashion, Eurobox has developed the application of this material on metal to give the packaging a distinctive touch. Together with the development of new high quality varnishes and printing techniques adapted to our automated manufacturing system, this development is unique in our industry. The application is usually done in certain areas of the design and the possibilities are very diverse.

Lenticular Film

Technique developed exclusively by the Eurobox technical office that consists of a 100% automatic process free of adhesives and glues. The result is an optical effect thanks to the superimposition of images that allows dynamic designs to be generated depending on the angle of vision.

High definition embossing

High definition engraving obtained with a special technology developed by Eurobox obtaining a high precision relief level.

Iridenscent Pearly Effect

Iridescent touch created with pigments from the automotive sector in which microparticles are applied on the surface of the metal that together with the ink create a play of light and colour interferences that vary according to the incidence of light. To achieve the desired effect, we recommend relatively intense colours to achieve a better result.

Velour Texture

We are pioneers in the application of flocking on tinplate; in this case we combine two printing techniques, on the one hand offset printing which allows us to print the design on the metal with a high resolution and on the other hand, screen printing which allows us to apply the flocking (100% recycled cotton fibres), in those areas that we want to reserve, thus achieving a warm and pleasant experience to the touch.

3D high definition embossing

The art of embossing involves pushing the possibilities of metal to the limit, so this innovative mechanical process was developed to achieve greater depth. By working with the volumes we can create different levels of 3D effects which, when combined with the graphics, create an impressive visual result.

Label Application

This process involves the application of a label made from a special paper using a technology designed exclusively for tinplate. The precision in the assembly of the label on the body of the container allows us to fix it to the inside of the agrafado, thus avoiding the use of adhesives. This new technology allows us to combine tinplate with different textures such as paper, fabric, wood, body or velvet.

Mixture of varnishes

The combination of gloss/matt varnish together increases the graphic possibilities by allowing parts with different visual effects to be generated, thus enhancing the glossy elements that stand out considerably against the matt background.

Super Bright Effect

This effect is achieved through the use of high quality raw materials combined with special inks and varnishes to enhance and improve the design of the metal packaging.


Tinplate allows us to generate perforations emphasising the graphics and extending the possibilities of the packaging by combining it with inks or even avoiding its use, sometimes becoming a collector’s item due to its originality.
The process is carried out on flat tinplate by means of a punching process in order to subsequently manufacture the packaging.

Soft Touch

The main objective of this effect is to stimulate the senses through its soft touch, in order to enhance the user’s experience, encouraging loyalty to the product.

Premium Finishes

to the environment

At Eurobox, with metal as a raw material, we are committed to eco-sustainable solutions promoting the circular economy.

We manufacture in Spain

Our containers are manufactured under the Made in Europe seal, this being a great advantage thanks to the proximity to our customers, since it means a reduction in costs and delivery times, accelerating the different phases that make up a project.

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