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Specialists in the production of metal packaging manufactured in Spain

We are Eurobox

We have been developing custom-made projects for more than 20 years with differential value.

Eurobox is a family run business that was born in 1997 after identifying an opportunity in the metal packaging sector with the aim of offering high quality personalized products.

Being a leading company in the European market and transmitting sensations through packaging has always been our main objective.

Since then, the second generation continues to accompany our clients in the development of their projects, adapting their ideas to the best options based on their purposes.

We have our own logistics center in Ibi (Alicante) to support our customers with safety stocks and thus ensure the supply chain 100% and our headquarters and factory in Benasau (Alicante).

Since our beginnings as metal packaging manufacturers, we have accompanied our clients in the development of their projects, adapting their ideas to the best options based on their budget and design objectives, providing added value to packaging through our experience, creativity, and know-how.

We have a team of specialized professionals who provide our clients with turnkey solutions for their products, offering them the possibility of covering all the needs that their project entails; from the design, through the production of the inner and outer packaging of the container, to its shipping and distribution; maintaining a fluid communication where the client always knows the status of his project.

The identity of each brand allows us to create differentiated products from each other, the collaborative posture of the Eurobox team together with the client’s Product Development Team, allows us to put all the creativity and all the possibilities of the latest technology at their service.

Added value is our reason for being, exclusive finishes, textures and materials that interact with metal, it helps to position each product at the forefront of design and innovation.

Quality + Technology + Proximity = Eurobox

We offer two lines of business, one based on those customers who wish a technical product, with unique and special finishes in the market and created exclusively by Eurobox, or for those customers who require a quick response in time to be sent to any country in Europe.

The second line of business is manufacturing in China for those with more flexible options with standard formats where the client can plan ahead. This option is especially suitable for smaller quantities and for projects with less technical difficulty.

Eurobox has a wide variety of clients: from large multinationals with a global presence that seek special packaging every year to differentiate themselves from their competition to small and medium-sized companies that, with smaller quantities, seek to add value to their product through packaging made of metal.

This work philosophy is what has led us to be one of the main packaging companies in Europe, being able to find our products anywhere in the world and collaborating with great brands of recognized prestige such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Bacardi, Carolina Herrera, or Nestlé among many others.


We Develop Technology

We Develop Technology

At Eurobox we have a transparent production plan based on an “open door” policy, the client is more than welcome to visit our facilities at any time and see the progress of their project during the production process. We believe that being aligned with the client’s objectives is essential to evolve with the needs of the market.

Premium packaging requires fundamental ingredients:

  • The best raw material
  • Automation (Crafts made by robots)
  • An outstanding printing service with the most advanced technology in the field of lithography that highlights the attributes of the brand
  • Management and manipulation of external complements that accompany the product
  • Finishes that make the difference

R & D

Innovation + Automation = Flexibility

Eurobox has a team of engineers that invests and are committed to do research and development of new products to be at the forefront of the latest market trends to always offer the best options to our customers.

We have designed our own technology and machinery to automate all production lines and thus ensure high and sustained quality throughout production.

Our level of investment in digitization, automation and robotics is constant, which is why we have technological tools that maximize productivity and reduce costs for our clients, such as:

  • Robotic Palletizing
  • Artificial vision
  • Unit product traceability

Our engineers and technicians design all the details related to the manufacture of the container and supervise the manufacture of molds and tools both in the external and internal workshop, to apply the last touches and pour over the know-how acquired during these years.

The demand of the clients, as well as that of the lines of research, imply the development of new manufacturing processes, for which we design and manufacture our own technology that helps us to develop new manufacturing processes that make us different by offering exclusive products and finishes.

Our technical office works intensely on the production process day by day, transforming the ideas of new innovative manufacturing systems in the sector, always looking for the opportunity to apply the latest technological advances available in the industry.

We provide the service of manufacturing prototype models in 48 hours so that our clients can check the measurements, capacities, and functionalities of the container before it is manufactured.

We have a high-speed machining center consisting of 3 axes to machine the parts.

For the development of materials and new technology, we look for the best in each field, which is why it allows us to be up to date with the latest market advances that we can incorporate into the production process.

Mision, vision
& values

At Eurobox we put all our efforts into overcoming new challenges and achieving the established goals, advising, and accompanying the client in each phase of the project.


“Transmit sensations through packaging”

At Eurobox we are manufacturers of customized solutions, providing added value through innovation and exclusivity to exceed customer expectations by developing sustainable packaging with the highest standards required by the food, perfumery, and cosmetics industry.

The aim is for our packaging to highlight and project the characteristics of the product that they contain, thus stimulating the user experience at the point of sale to encourage brand loyalty


“Being pioneers in the development of new technologies that increase the productivity and the quality of our packaging”

Continuing to generate increasingly sustainable products and processes to promote the circular economy and streamline times to obtain the best results is our main objective.


“A team focused on being the eyes of our clients”

  • Commitment
  • Flexibility
  • Transparency
  • Passion and Willingness
  • Experience and Innovation

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O llámanos al +34 96 654 49 07

Contact us

Tell us about your project and we will advise you

Or call us +34 96 654 49 07