Metal Packaging

Full-colour promotions, with incredible embossing and dream finishes

Measures           Finishes

A surprising relief

A packaging that stands out for the quality of the image reproduction in its design. It has an inner beading and embossing on the entire surface. 

Maximum functionality and elegance

A packaging designed to provide maximum functionality, thanks to its hinges, and to make you fall in love with its beautiful flat colours that give the perfect touch.

The metallic touch that never fails

An optimal and practical solution for your product. A packaging designed with a double inner lid and embossing. Let yourself be seduced by its incredible metallic colours. A finish that never fails.

Elegance, design
and originality

This packaging features a bottom opening, embossing on the body for an authentic and visually appealing finish. It is a design for a Jean Paul Gaultier collaboration with Supreme. 

Eye-catching colours

This beautiful packaging features an outer cap with an inner beading. In addition, its design is based on the use of metallic colours to make it more eye-catching and eye-catching. A great idea to stand out and attract the attention of customers. 

Premium Finishes

Mirror Effect

Swarovski Cristal

Glitter Effect


High definition


Velour Texture

3D Hi Definition



Super bright


Soft Touch

to the environment

At Eurobox, with metal as a raw material, we are committed to eco-sustainable solutions promoting the circular economy.

We manufacture in Spain

Our containers are manufactured under the Made in Europe seal, this being a great advantage thanks to the proximity to our customers, since it means a reduction in costs and delivery times, accelerating the different phases that make up a project.

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Promotional packaging is essential for promotional campaigns. When a potential buyer enters an establishment, there is a wide range of products on offer and, in the face of this fierce competition, you have to know how to stand out from the rest.

A name and the quality of a product are important factors, but many buyers decide at the last minute on such important aspects as the image that the product offers. People continue to buy “with their eyes” and that is why it is so important that the promotional packaging is very attractive and stands out from the rest of those found in the section.

The promotional metal packaging we manufacture adapts to all types of products. We have packaging of different categories and prices to suit all types of campaigns, from those that demand extra in exigency and design to standard campaigns, always with quality as a flag.

A promotional packaging made of metal is always a good idea and is a great attraction on the shelf of any establishment. If it is also a quality packaging with an attractive design, the impact on sales is assured.

Choosing a promotional packaging made of metal is always a guarantee of success, especially if the box has a high quality design that attracts the attention of the buyer even more. Among the different advantages of choosing metal packaging for a campaign, we highlight the following:

The customer is used to seeing packaging that is mostly made of cardboard or plastic. Suddenly, they are confronted with promotional metal packaging that is strikingly different and makes them look at the brand again.

When the customer goes to make a purchase and finds two similar products, one with standard cardboard packaging and one with metal packaging, he will naturally find the latter much more attractive and is much more likely to buy it instead of the competitor’s. Especially if it is a promotion. Especially if it is an attractive promotion where the packaging does not result in a price increase.

There are certain products that we don’t normally see as gift-worthy, such as chocolate bars. But if they come in a nice metal promotional packaging then the perception of the item changes substantially. This means that a sector of buyers who would not have considered the product before will be convinced by the promotion and will now consider it as a gift.

In the case of products that are usually given as gifts, such as perfumes, the promotional metal packaging makes the difference with the competition and can be the factor that makes the customer decide to buy.

As a manufacturer of promotional metal packaging, we have extensive experience in the production of different types of boxes, in different sizes and with various types of closures. We can advise our customers to find the most appropriate for the type of product they want to promote, offering perfect solutions for all kinds of campaigns and items.

Our work, always with high quality standards, can be seen on the shelves of shops all over Europe and we have been recognised on different occasions, such as in 2016 when we won bronze in the prestigious Pentawards packaging competition, with worldwide fame, thanks to our design for Carolina Herrera.

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