Circular economy and premium packaging: allies?


Sustainability and recycling are increasingly gaining ground in society. Many consumers have changed their consumption patterns in recent years and now choose ecological or vegan products with more sustainable packaging that favours recycling, thus extending their useful life cycle. Are you also one of those who are committed to this principle of the circular economy? 

Without a doubt, at Eurobox we believe that a more responsible consumption that favours the protection of the planet is necessary for our survival. The war against pollution is more pressing than ever and we must all do our bit to reduce the impact of our ecological footprint

But is it possible to promote the circular economy with the premium packaging of any product? The answer is yes. The packaging sector has joined this new trend by incorporating eco-design into its manufacturing process. And, at Eurobox we have joined this sustainable trend with all our packaging, whether standard or premium packaging

Do you really want to know how this alliance between packaging and circular economy can be maintained? Keep reading this post.  

What is the circular economy? 

The circular economy is understood as a productive system that promotes recycling and reuse of materials in order to reduce the excess of waste that is generated daily and massively all over the planet. 

Currently, like everything else, it has its detractors who do not recognise climate change and the problems that arise from it. However, it has more and more allies who abandon irresponsible consumption habits and opt for products that seek to protect the environment

With this, it is easy to understand the circular economy as a model of exploitation based on the best optimisation of resources, extending their life cycle through a constant reuse of materials. This drastically reduces the final waste that is usually generated globally. 

At Eurobox, following this principle of the circular economy, we use tinplate as the base material for each of our clients’ projects. A magnificent material that has great benefits that reduce the pollution of other materials such as cardboard and plastic.  

To sum up, the circular economy stands for:

  • Biodegradable raw materials that do not have a major negative impact on the planet.
  • Frequent reuse of materials such as the tinplate we use at Eurobox, which has a much longer life expectancy than other raw materials. It can even be reused several times after going through different recycling processes. 

What is eco-design? 

Eco-design is a principle of the circular economy that design companies (like us) follow in their manufacturing process. 

In our case, tinplate is the raw material we use to make our standard packaging and premium because of its enormous advantages over other types of raw materials that are harmful to the environment. Tinplate has enormous benefits, making it the perfect material to use in the manufacture of packaging for any product.  


  • Its production cost is low and so is its environmental impact. 
  • Production costs are reduced. 
  • It is easy to handle
  • Tinplate can be recycled over and over again without losing its properties. Long life cycle. 
  • It is one of the most environmentally friendly materials.

The importance of premium packaging in the circular economy 

All in all, it is clear how important it is to use articles and packaging made from raw materials that favour recycling and continuous use, extending their life cycle. Thus, commitment to sustainability in packaging is a priority and a reality for many of the companies that base their production on packaging. Undoubtedly, this is one of the sustainable solutions to fight climate change and protect the environment. 

And the objective is none other than to accelerate the circularity of materials and products to gain greater sustainability in the design and manufacturing process.

Are you part of this paradigm shift? The circular economy has enormous repercussions on the premium and standard packaging of any product. Now that you know that at Eurobox we use tinplate as the raw material for our designs, do you need us to adapt the packaging of your items and bring them closer to sustainability? We would be delighted to talk to you, contact us without obligation.  


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