What is experiential marketing and how does it relate to metal packaging?

In today’s marketplace, where there are a myriad of similar items and a multitude of alternatives for buying and selling products, it is a challenge to stand out and be chosen over the competition. Nowadays, people are not only looking to buy and that’s it, but the real enjoyment and what is going to make a real difference is the experience they get in that previous exchange.

Emotions are the key to success, so betting on strategies that enact sensations is essential if you want to attract attention and increase sales. 

Now you are probably asking yourself… “What do emotions and sensations have to do with metallic packaging? Well, we have to tell you that EVERYTHING. 

Do you want to know how metal packaging relates to these current marketing strategies? Read on and start making the most of your articles. 

What is sensory marketing? 

And for that, you need to know what we are talking about when we talk about strategies that are based on producing emotions and sensations for consumers or users. Specifically, these strategies are part of what is known as sensory marketing, understood as the ability of companies to create bonds with their customers by creating emotional, personal and unique experiences through their products and purchasing processes. 

Here, the customer is at the centre of everything, the one who acquires relevance; not the product or the brand in question. However, the brands that manage to offer an experience by stimulating emotions in their potential customers are the ones that truly achieve business success. 


How do you create emotions? 

It may be in the type of packaging you use for your project that you will find the key. 

To create emotions and evoke sensations there are an infinite number of strategies and options and you have to start somewhere; and opting for quality packaging, made to measure and manufactured with recycled materials is an unbeatable way to start on this path. 

At Eurobox we have spoken on more than one occasion about the virtues of metal packaging; as it has a large number of advantages over other types of packaging, not only at a functional level, but also aesthetically, which is the point we are referring to today in this blog post. 

In this other article: “The importance of increasing the sensory experience of your customers with custom-made metal packaging” we already talked at length about how metal packaging influences the five senses; so in this text we want to go a step further and we want to give you some more reasons to bet on this type of packaging to increase the sensory experience of your customers.

Specifically, we are talking about two very specific points:  

#1. Quality finishes and materials

Firstly, the use of materials and finishes for the manufacture of packaging is a very decisive point, especially if we seek to create emotions and sensations through them. Therefore, the choice of one or the other is not a matter to be taken lightly. 

It must meet a series of minimum requirements to guarantee its worth; such as: that they are recycled and recyclable materials, the chosen finish contains significant and unique traces (technology and innovation are key for them) or resistance or durability so that it remains as the first day for a longer period of time. 

At Eurobox we know this very well, which is why we use tinplate as the raw material for our designs, as well as having 8 different types of finishes ideal for including in any type of project. 

#2. Original and exclusive designs

And, the second thing that must predominate in order to create emotions is the design, the visual appearance, its shape, since not only touch or hearing can be stimulated, but also sight, as in this case.

And how is it possible to stand out and create emotions with design? Mainly through the creativity and originality of its shape. In this case, custom-made metal packaging is the best option. 

Do you want to arouse emotions and sensations in your potential customers, stand out from your competitors’ products, become a benchmark with your articles? Tell us about your needs and main desires and let’s work together to achieve a metal packaging that excites and arouses the curiosity of consumers. 


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