The importance of increasing the sensory experience of your customers with custom metal packaging


Do you know how important it is to increase your customers’ sensory experience with customised metal packaging? Metal packaging can transmit sensations that stimulate all the senses, especially when it is well designed and of high quality. 

The care of details, finishes and shapes can make the potential customer feel attracted to the packaging. Perhaps, at first, only by its appearance. But as you build a relationship with it, the experience will grow.

Packaging that likes to be seen

Sight is the first of the senses that must be stimulated by custom-made metal packaging. It has to be striking, stand out from the rest of the options that can be found on a shop or supermarket shelf, stand out and become the protagonist. 

The colours, the shapes, the shines… all are details designed to make the customer’s eyes feel attracted to the packaging and to stop and look at it. This is the beginning of the attraction process and, if the design is seductive enough, it will invite the person to come closer and take a second step: feel the container in their hands.

Sensitive packaging

The moment when the customer takes the product in his hand is also very important. That is exactly when he decides whether he will take the next step and go to the cash desk to pay for it or whether he will put it back on the shelf where he saw it. 

When touching the metal container, the customer must feel that it is a container in which all details have been taken care of. It can be the coldness and cleanliness of the metal with mirror polishing. Or, perhaps, it could be the special touch of the flocking effect. In either case, it must be seductive and create a pleasant sensation that makes you want to take it home.

Sight and touch are the most stimulating sensory experiences at the time of sale but, contrary to what you might think, they are not the only ones, as we will see below.

Images that make you anticipate the pleasures that the product offers

Product images can help stimulate other senses. An image of the biscuits or chocolates inside a metal packaging can make the customer anticipate the sensation of tasting them. Let them imagine that experience already and, therefore, be totally seduced by the product and decide to purchase it. 

In the case of perfumes, the sensation of luxury and glamour of the packaging also serves to stimulate the imagination. When buying a premium perfume, the customer wants to feel the sensation of wearing something exclusive and special. And if the packaging conveys this, they can be sure that the scent will also be conveyed. 

In most perfume stands there are testers that make it easy for the customer to have the sensory experience of smelling the product while seeing and feeling it in their hands, which helps them to have a more complete vision of the article. 

Images and testers allow us to help convey those sensations of taste and smell that are so important in selling, but which can be difficult to convey.

That special sound when opening the metal packaging

The last of these special sensations occurs once you get home with your purchase and open the metal container. That very characteristic and special sound of the can when opened will become commonplace every time we use the product or open the box to take one of the sweets it contains. 

We will associate the sound with the sensations we are going to have later on, which will make us start to feel all the pleasure in advance every time we touch and open the metal container. 

For all these reasons it is so important to take the utmost care of the packaging of the products. Every detail contributes to that sensory experience that makes the customer feel a connection with the product and buys it not just once, but more times, developing real brand loyalty.

And that is why each of the metal packaging we create is unique and different. It is designed to stimulate the precise sensations for the product it will contain and becomes part of it. 

Here lies the importance of increasing the sensory experience of your customers with custom metal packaging that is able to make all this feel and create this special connection. If that’s what you’re looking for, we can help you achieve it.


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