8 different finishes for your ideal packaging design


Are you looking for a packaging that suits your product and attracts the attention of consumers and potential customers? At Eurobox we have what you need. Today we want to tell you about each and every one of our finishes with which to dazzle and conquer to perfection. No matter if it is a standard or premium range product, we have the knowledge, the technology and the previous experience to make your potential customers fall in love with a simple glance. 

We know that image counts, and a lot, to achieve all our purposes. Both on a personal and business level, having a good image means great advantages over other types of profiles that are less well worked. Therefore, having a good image, especially in the market, is the key to success and profit. 

Are you ready to discover why Eurobox has become a benchmark in the manufacture of the perfect packaging? Choose a reliable partner with whom you can give life and conquer everyone from the first glance. These are the 8 different finishes we work with to achieve the best product packaging. 

Our packaging finishes 

But before showing you all our finishes, we would like to tell you about our work and what makes us special. Specifically, for several decades at Eurobox we have adapted our business to the needs of our customers, which has led us to specialise in the medium-high level metal packaging sector, with the aim of offering a high quality customised product. 

Thus, throughout our business career we have received several prestigious awards for our work in various types of packaging. If you want to know more about these, we recommend you read this article: Eurobox bids farewell to a 2020 full of achievements. 

Although what characterises us is the use of tinplate as a raw material for our metal packaging. This has great environmental benefits as it has a long life cycle and can be recycled several times. 

Now, are you ready to discover all our finishes? 

Mirror effect

This is a special laminate that gives a mirror shine never seen before and developed exclusively by Eurobox. This is the latest creation that we have made and presented at Luxepack Monaco, it was awarded at the Canmaker Summit, the most prestigious awards in the metal sector worldwide.


This is undoubtedly a finish that stands out for its great capacity for personalisation to raise the packaging in question to the highest level. Specifically, a team of specialists is in charge of applying the Swarovski stones one by one so that each container represents a unique collector’s item. If you choose this finish for your product, you can find tailor-made solutions, pre-shapes and complements to give your brand and product an extra touch of distinction.


At Eurobox we are pioneers in the application of this material on metal, which is characterised by being a porous component and comes from the world of fashion. In particular, it is a unique finish in the sector as the development of new varnishes and printing techniques are adapted to our automated manufacturing system. Furthermore, the application is usually done in certain areas of the design and the possibilities are varied: from finer to coarser glitter grains, to the variety of particle colours. 


If you are in the cosmetics and perfumery sector, this finish is ideal for you because it is designed to meet the high demands of these two sectors. The results are the result of the application of the most advanced technique in high and low relief, the assembly of metal parts on the outside and plastic components on the inside as a housing for the cosmetic product or other types of articles. 

Pearl effect

This finish comes from the automotive and architectural sectors, but when applied to metal packaging it creates an effect that stands out for its beauty and design. In this case, the microparticles applied on the surface of the metal, together with the ink, manage to model a play of light and colour interferences that vary according to the incidence of light on the surface of the container. Relatively intense colours are recommended for a greater effect.


The result is a tactile experience, as we are adding to the metal a textile texture that is warm and pleasant to the touch. And how do we achieve this? By combining two different printing techniques: offset printing, which allows us to print the design on the metal with a high resolution, and screen printing, which allows us to apply the flocking in those areas that we want to reserve (whether they are small or large surfaces). 


The finish that interacts with the consumer as, depending on the angle of vision, the effect changes the image of the packaging, becoming a dynamic packaging by means of a play of images. To achieve this, a PET film is applied on the metal base where the Final Artwork is printed and the 3D effects, depth and change of images desired by the client. 

3D embossing

To push the possibilities of metal to the limit. 

Now you know each and every one of our finishes. Get in touch with us and get a packaging at the height of your product to dazzle and attract all the looks of potential customers. We are waiting for you!


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Tell us about your project and we will advise you

O llámanos al +34 96 654 49 07