Main benefits of metal packaging against food waste


Food waste is undoubtedly a global problem that affects every country on the planet. The latest report issued by the FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, states that around 90 million tonnes of food is lost or wasted in the European Union alone. In total, almost a third of the food produced in the world is lost between production and the final consumer. 

That may seem like a lot of wasted food to you, and it is! But increasingly, society’s manufacturing and consumption patterns hold the key to reducing this global problem. And, this is where we have an important role to play as experts in metal packaging manufacturing

Identifying the causes of why this is happening and knowing how to reduce this food waste is key to protecting the environment and fighting world hunger. Read on to discover the key benefits of metal packaging in tackling food waste. 

Why choose metal packaging against food waste?

There are many reasons why metal packaging is a great alternative to reduce food waste. 

The difficulties that arise from this complicated solution are so important that it is necessary to invest in quality products that allow a higher rate of conservation and protection against factors such as the passage of time. For this reason, we are going to detail the main advantages of metal packaging over other types of packaging such as plastic. Are you ready? 

  • It allows a greater capacity for preservation 

As we have already mentioned, metal packaging is ideal for keeping the products inside in better conditions. Unlike other packaging, they can even retain the properties that make the product desirable, such as aroma, vitamins, nutrients… Mainly due to the fact that they isolate the oxygen found on the outside. 

  • They stand out for their enormous resistance 

Following on from the previous point, these metal containers stand out for their structure and resistance to possible knocks during transport, for example. As a result, they can last much longer without being used or opened, an advantage that plastic containers do not have. 

In this way, they contribute to environmental protection and the fight against climate change, as well as reducing food waste. Metal packaging may be one of the best options for EU member states, which have committed to the Sustainable Development Goals for the 2030 Agenda to halve this food waste, to achieve this goal.  

Moreover, it is also worth noting the importance that these types of packaging have had throughout history, often used and stored to feed people in famine crises and emergency situations. 

  • They promote recycling 

Metal packaging is in most cases made of tinplate, our raw material par excellence due to its recyclability. This helps to protect the environment and combat climate change by extending the useful life of this material without damaging the ecosystem. It is the perfect example of the circular economy that we talked about in another article.   

  • They are extremely versatile

Finally, it is worth highlighting their capacity to adapt to all kinds of products and needs. There are a huge number of food products on the market in metal packaging, regardless of whether they are of animal or vegetable origin, fresh, ready-prepared, high-end or standard range. 

In this way, nuts, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, a more elaborate cuisine… find in metal packaging the perfect ally to remain in the best possible conditions and to last much longer without problems. 

Now you know the main advantages of metal packaging against food waste. At Eurobox, as experts in the manufacture of medium and high range metal packaging for food products, we are your best option to create the packaging for your product. Do not hesitate to contact us. Ask about your possibilities and we will give shape to your project with a unique, personal and high quality packaging. Shall we talk? 


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