5 bottles of perfume that speak for themselves


Today we want to talk about perfume containers that speak for themselves. Packages created for our best customers and that in some cases have been awarded for their quality and originality. Packaging in which we have put all our know-how to achieve first class work, which stands out because we have put in them the latest technology in printing on metal.

We invite you to discover these five packages, although you can see others on our website and learn about other work we have done in other fields, such as food, tobacco or alcoholic beverages.

1. 212 VIP Carolina Herrera

For this prestigious American brand we have opted for a premium packaging with a mirror effect. A very special design that has been rewarded with an award in the most prestigious competition of the metal packaging sector, the Canmaker Summit. For this version of the perfume we took a risk with the mirror effect and the soft golden tone, while for the men’s version of the perfume we dared to use an intense cobalt blue that gave the bottle a stronger personality.

The gloss effect laminate of this package is an exclusive creation of Eurobox, so it cannot be found in other manufacturers. In this way, we can offer our VIP customers an exclusive and very special product, just as they do with their items.

2. Invictus by Paco Rabanne

When you work with clients who are used to always being one step ahead of the competition, like the French firm of designer Paco Rabanne, it is logical that they want to demand the same from the people they work with. So when they challenged us to find the limits in this case for their Invictus perfume, we decided to take up the challenge.

Lifting up to 10 mm in some of the areas of the glass is a job that has been developed thanks to specific molds and machinery and, of course, our experience in the field of manufacturing metal cases. Both we and our client think that the work has been worthwhile and, because of the response it has had among the public, we believe that they have also given us their approval.

3. Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier

The designer Jean Paul Gaultier has a unique personality that stands out for its originality and for its way of understanding life, a mixture of casualness, rebelliousness and glamour. That is why we love the fact that he has chosen us to work on the project of many of his metal containers.

We know that we have to give you something very special and different for every occasion and for your Classique fragrance we lean towards the pearl effect. This type of finish comes from the automobile industry, in fact, it can be seen on some very elegant and eye-catching vehicles. It is also used in architecture.

We thought it might be a good idea to apply it to metal packaging as well, and the result was excellent. In this packaging we have managed to create a series of contrasts that vary according to the incidence of light on the surface of the container, creating very attractive plays of light and color interference.

4. Classique X Collection by Jean Paul Gaultier

This is another packaging we have created for Jean Paul Gaultier. This time we wanted to use the same shade of Classique perfume, but give this version its particular personality thanks to the flocked effect, which replaces the pearl previously seen.

By using the offset printing technique combined with silk-screen printing, a high resolution is achieved and the flocking technique can be applied just in the areas that we want to highlight, making the packaging not only look very special, but also feel different, which is a real experience for the buyer.

This way, the different senses are played with, achieving a sensual, attractive and very elegant package that represents the best values of the brand.

5. Atelier Cologne

Finally, we highlight these boxes for special editions of the different perfumes of the firm Atelier Cologne, which specializes in natural, long-lasting citrus scents. This box is not in the premium category, but in the standard one, although it is made with the same care and attention. Its elegant and very attractive design is in keeping with the personality of this brand.

In this case, we made different boxes with different motifs, inspired by the smells of this popular eau de cologne.

These perfume containers that speak for themselves are representative of the work we do not only in the perfume industry, but also in many other departments. If you are looking for an original packaging for your product, do not hesitate to contact us, together we will find the best solution for your business.


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