Eurobox wins two world-class awards at IMDPA


Today we have the pleasure to tell you a piece of news that fills us with pride: Eurobox wins two international category awards at the International Metal Decorating and Packaging Association, IMDPA. We have competed with companies from all over the world and we have won two very important awards, which for us means a great projection at international level.

We believe that this recognition is of great value to our clients as it is clear proof that we are a company to be trusted, that we work to achieve the best products and that we are at the forefront of design and technique.

And, of course, also that our packaging is a good bet to get a high quality product, where the designs and finishes stand out from other packaging that compete for attention on the shelves of supermarkets.

What is IMDPA?

IMDPA is a non-profit corporation comprised of individuals related to the interests of lithographers, metal container decorators and designers, can makers and commercial suppliers. The common denominator is that all of them, in one way or another, are part of the world of decoration and metal packaging.

IMDPA was created in 1933 under the name of The Metal Decorators Association and its first meeting took place in New York, specifically in Brooklyn. Since then they have been developing their activity.

The aim of this corporation is to make known the advances that are being made in this field and to help manufacturers to promote their products much better all over the world. It is also a matter of encouraging the partners to introduce in their processes the best materials, mechanics and techniques that are becoming known in the metal packaging industry.

With this, they manage to improve the quality of the products, which are developed more and more in this type of competitive industries in their markets. In addition to promoting the exchange of ideas and collaboration between members of the same guild.

The IMDPA awards are very prestigious and are a way to promote the best manufacturers of the moment. That is why it is so important for Eurobox to have achieved two world-class awards.

Best category packaging for special and luxury cans for Eurobox

This year the award for best packaging in the category of special and luxury cans has gone to one of the works done for the prestigious perfume brand Jean Paul Gaultier, specifically for its perfume “Classique Pin Up”.

The container has a diameter of 83 mm and is manufactured using a double process. Firstly, an offset printing is made so that the drawing is captured on the container with all its colors.

After this, it is applied through a transparent resin silkscreen printing process with high gloss particles. This gives the package a much more luxurious appearance where the colors stand out, thus making the package stand out much more at the point of sale.

All this has been taken into account by the jury, who considered this article as the best canned packaging for luxury products. An extra point that also adds value is that it has been produced in Spain with tinplate, which can be recycled as many times as desired, so it is a product with a totally ecological raw material.

A package that also reflects very well the philosophy of the brand, resulting in a luxurious and sophisticated and, at the same time, fun and a little rebellious.

Eurobox receives the award for best packaging in all categories

The jury liked this packaging so much that they considered it the best of all categories, which is why it won the grand prize, the crown jewel of international awards at IMDPA.

Given that the competition we had was absolutely exceptional, as the best manufacturers of premium metal packaging from all over the world were participating, we could not be more proud of having received this award that encourages us to continue improving and working in the line we have done up to now: creating high quality products that our customers know they can trust.

We could not stop telling you the news that Eurobox has won two international category awards at IMDPA, especially since it is not an exclusive award for us. It is an award that we have the pleasure of sharing with all the customers who have trusted and continue to trust us, giving us the necessary impetus to continue and to always strive to improve and advance in competitive terrain.


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