Benefits of secondary food packaging


Before knowing the benefits of secondary food packaging we must be clear about what exactly we are talking about. And, to do so, there is nothing better than reviewing the three types of packaging we can find in a food: primary, secondary and tertiary. Let’s take, for example, a box of tea cakes.

The primary packaging. It is the one that directly contains the product that is going to be consumed. In the case of pasta, it could be a plastic or paper bag wrapping each one of the cookies so that it is perfectly preserved and can be taken individually without losing its qualities.

The secondary packaging. It is the one that contains one or more primary packages. In our example, we could be talking about the metallic container that contains all the individually wrapped pastas. At Eurobox, therefore, we are specialists in this second type since our cans generally contain products that already have another type of packaging inside, either with a plastic bag for all units or paper capsules.

The tertiary packaging. In this case, we are talking about the cardboard box in which a certain number of secondary packaging, cookie tins, are placed in order to be able to transport them comfortably and also safely to the points of sale. It is the container that is thrown away first and is very important in transport as it helps to prevent knocks and damage to the product. In some cases it can serve as an exhibitor once it arrives at the point of sale.

The 4 main benefits of secondary food packaging

Let’s focus on the secondary wrappers we specialize in, the canned ones. These are the ones we really know and can talk about at length about their great benefits for the foods they contain and also for the brand itself.

The first two benefits we highlight have to do with the quality of the product it contains, while the last two are strictly related to its advertising impact and its repercussions on sales.

1) Greater protection for the product

Cans offer great product protection in several ways. To begin with, they protect what is inside from shocks and scratches. Thus, they prevent cookies from being broken or chocolates from being crushed. But they also protect against the effects of light, which can have serious repercussions on the taste and quality of some items, such as tobacco or tea.

Cans of food products are usually sealed, which also prevents air from passing through and prevents oxidation, so the food will be preserved in good condition for much longer.

2) Better conservation once the package has been opened

But the can will not only prevent the deterioration of the product until the customer opens it, but it will also preserve it better once it is already opened. The can is much more protective of the qualities of its contents than other materials, and the protection against light that we have talked about continues to exist once the can is opened.

In addition, several studies have shown that tin cans do not transfer flavor to products, either to food or to beverages, so they will not negatively influence any of their qualities.

3) A better presentation in the place of sale

The canisters are immediately associated by the buyer with a higher quality product. This is because this type of container is generally found in premium or mid-range products.

It is common to see how food products that are intended to be given away, such as chocolates, cookies or even spirits, have this type of packaging. This is so because the presentation is much more attractive and the gift is perceived as much better or even more expensive and quality.

4) An extra attraction when the packaging is also beautiful and can have other uses

When the container has a good design it is much more attractive to the potential buyer. To begin with, it will attract their attention more than other containers made in cans and therefore they will be more tempted to buy it. There may be other reasons, though, such as the customer wanting to give the container extra use once he has consumed what is inside.

Now you know a little more about the benefits of the secondary food packaging we at Eurobox are dedicated to. As an entrepreneur, you will understand better the importance of considering this type of packaging for your products and, as a buyer, you will surely have more reasons to choose them on the shelves.


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