The best ideas for the packaging of your bottles


At Eurobox we have the best ideas for the packaging of your bottles and we translate them into the different types of metal containers that we offer for beverages. First of all, we have the premium containers, without a doubt the most special ones.

These types of bottles are usually requested for very special occasions, such as anniversaries or limited editions of a certain liquid. They are made with top quality materials, as any of our bottles, but with a plus in their finishes that make them special and unique.

A good example of this is the container created for one of the most special editions of the Oudinot champagne brand, which even contains Swarovski crystals as part of the decoration. A luxury finish that attracts all eyes.

In the case of the standard editions, we find mainly two types of containers, which are the most requested when it comes to selling bottles. They are: cylindrical boxes or casket style containers to hold either single bottles or bottles and promotional gifts.

Cylindrical boxes

Cylindrical boxes are perfect for the packaging of your bottles because they adapt very well to their shape. In some cases it is not even necessary to adapt the bottle to fit its packaging, besides, they do not take up too much space.

This type of boxes are ideal for traditionally shaped bottles, which have a more or less similar size at the base and in front of the bottle neck. Some of our cylindrical-shaped metal containers have a handle for easy transport, which also gives the design of the box a certain personality.

As for the finishes, they are identical for all types of boxes, both cylindrical and those with other shapes. All of them can be decorated in different colors or with reliefs. Normally, the brands bet on a decoration similar to that of the bottles so that the customer can quickly identify the contents of the same at a glance, recognizing their usual product in a more attractive packaging and care in its design.

Bottle boxes and more

Box-shaped containers are also very common for bottles. They are mainly used for those that are square or have irregular shapes. Normally, they have a foam inside that is adapted to the shape of the bottle so that it can be placed without any danger to its transport, avoiding that it can be hit or broken.

This type of box can exclusively contain the bottle, although sometimes they can also be promotional boxes containing a gift. In these cases, this is placed next to the bottle inside the package.

Likewise, an image of the contents of the box can be incorporated on the outside of the packaging so that the consumer knows about the existence of the promotion, which can encourage their purchase. These gifts can be varied, from a nice promotional key ring, to the always attractive flasks to take the liquor wherever you want.

These boxes containing promotional gifts are the most coveted to give away and they are usually released frequently during the Christmas season, when the consumption of this type of drinks increases.

Matching buckets for catering

Although it is not exactly packaging for bottles, we cannot fail to highlight the buckets that match the metal bottle containers and that are designed, above all, for the hotel and catering industry. Normally, they are a gift from the brand so that the establishment has the ice and bottles at hand. In addition, they are perfect for promoting the product in a more indirect and subtle way towards the customers.

They are made of the same material as the containers and have the image of the brand. They are usually very popular as they are very practical in any establishment. They can even become part of the decoration, containing bottles in prominent places so that people can see them.

This is a very effective way of advertising since they attract a lot of attention. Even in catering establishments are also quite successful metal containers that give a very elegant touch to the decoration.

These are the best ideas for the packaging of your bottles that we offer you at Eurobox. If you would like to have any of these designs for your brand, talk to us and together we will create a unique and special package that will capture the personality of your product.


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