Why select a premium metal packaging design?


We know that the packaging of any product is important to attract potential customers in order to increase sales and, as a result, obtain economic benefits. But like everything else, exclusivity is the greatest attraction; so much so that in this article we want to explain why opting for a premium metal packaging design is the best option for your business. 

Are you ready to know about them? Take note and trust Eurobox to carry out your customised packaging project with the highest quality.  

Set yourself apart from the rest

The design of any of our premium metal packaging is cared for down to the smallest detail. Not only will it try to reflect the personality of the brand and its line in terms of packaging, but it will also improve it and take it further thanks to the new printing techniques that can be carried out on this type of packaging.

Techniques such as mirror finish, flocking or pearlescent effects will give each pack a unique and exquisite appearance. Just by looking at them, it is clear that they are not just any product, but a special edition, a high quality article. This is the case of the most exclusive branded perfumes that we have developed over the years. These are containers that are perfectly different from the rest, which have a great personality and beauty in their finishes

Gives prestige to the brand

This type of packaging speaks of quality and good taste and gives the brand an extra veneer of prestige. Even when we are talking about big name brands, creating a specially crafted packaging for one of their products can make it look special within what is already very exclusive.

These premium packs are entered into competitions and can be seen in many international competitions in the sector, which will not only give prestige to the manufacturer, but will also put the brand in a very good light, highlighting it as a firm that cares about the care and design of its packaging.

Attracts a greater number of customers

When a customer goes to a shop to buy a premium product, he knows that he is going to buy something of high quality. 

Nobody wants an exclusive perfume for which a high price is paid to come in packaging similar to that of a mid-range cologne, just by looking at the packaging you have to know that it is in another category, something that is more exclusive.

Even if you are buying it for yourself, the person who wants to pamper themselves with a luxury drink will buy it for the taste, but they will want the packaging to also convey that appearance of luxury so that all their senses are stimulated by the experience. A pampering or reward that will, in this way, be even more special.

Finally on this point, it should be borne in mind that the customer who comes to buy in an establishment sometimes does not come with a specific idea, especially if it is a gift. Instead, when they get there they may be seduced by what they see. And a premium metallic packaging will always be much more seductive, increasing the chances of being the one chosen for the purchase.

Made in Spain

The premium packaging we manufacture is made in Spain in our own factory, so we guarantee the highest quality of each and every one of these containers. To do this, we use the best raw materials and we personally control all the extra parts that the packaging may have, from the special closures to the plastic parts or the leaflets that may be included inside.

The print finishes are made using the most up-to-date and sophisticated techniques. Some of them are exclusive to us and, therefore, we can guarantee unique products of the highest quality. And it’s not just us who say so, but the international awards with which our work is recognised endorse our expertise.

Sustainable articles

We work with tinplate, a completely sustainable material because it is recycled in its entirety and can be used as many times as you like. In fact, all the small offcuts from our factory are recycled again to become useful sheets with which we can give life to all our work. 

We care about design and we care about the presentation of any product, but we also care about the environment. We know that the use of sustainable materials is also something that is appreciated by our direct customers and their customers, who are the ultimate users of the products.

Now you know why to go for a premium metal packaging design. But if you need more arguments, we invite you to take a look at some of the premium products we have created over the years on our website.


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Tell us about your project and we will advise you

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