Sustainability in your premium packaging: be part of the change


Sustainability in your premium packaging will help you be part of the global shift in the way we treat waste and the way we consume. 

For a long time, the throw-away method, which was introduced from the late 1980s onwards, was considered very modern and practical. Nobody carried bags to the supermarket any more, they were given to us for free when we did our shopping, and environmentally friendly methods such as taking empty glass bottles to the shop for refilling were left behind. 

But we have come to realise that all this generates waste that we are unable to manage and the planet is paying for the bad habits we have developed over the last few decades

We have begun to appreciate what is sustainable, what can be used several times, what does not need to be thrown away quickly. Buyers are giving priority to materials that can be recycled and given a second life. 

Do you want to know how to go sustainable with your premium metal products?  

Brand philosophy is increasingly important

Companies used to be asked for quality, class, image… but now they are also asked to have a clear philosophy and to share it with their customers. In this way, they will be able to choose not only the perfume they like the most, but also the brand that matches their values. And the example of perfume can be applied to any other product that can be found on the market.

Competition is increasing in all sectors and this has made the customer more aware of his or her power. He has a lot to choose from and will no longer base his choice only on the product, but on how it is made. As a result, they demand to know which practices help to conserve the environment and take this into account when they buy. 

Consumers, especially those of premium products, are well informed and know exactly which materials to buy and which not to buy if they want to purchase a sustainable product. Choosing sustainable packaging is one of the key points to achieve this image, this company philosophy that will make an increasingly larger sector of buyers bet on your brand.

Profile yourself as a brand that is committed to sustainability, also in the packaging.

There are brands that boast of having a sustainable production process but then neglect other elements when it comes to marketing. And the buyer notices this and takes it into account when they want to buy any product. A sustainably manufactured article is all very well, but if it is then wrapped in a large amount of plastic to put it on the market shelf, all the work that has been carried out will go down the drain.

That’s why, in addition to the production of the products, you have to take care of the packaging and the packaging must also be sustainable. Our tinplate packaging is just that, as the raw material it is made from is one of the most sustainable on the market. Not only because it has a long shelf life, but also because at Eurobox we also have an environmentally friendly production process. 

It is important to note that we live in the same place where we have our factory, so we are primarily interested in taking the utmost care of our environment and keeping our beautiful land in the best conditions for future generations to inherit.

The three benefits of tinplate packaging

Tinplate packaging has different benefits from a sustainability point of view, but let’s take a look at the three most important ones:

Tinplate can be recycled cycle after cycle. While some materials can only withstand one or a few recycling cycles, tinplate can be used as many times as necessary. This makes it a very sustainable material.

Tinplate packaging preserves certain products very well. Foods such as biscuits or tea are very well preserved in this type of packaging and as a result these products have a longer shelf life. 

Tinplate packaging can be reused. Not only can they be recycled once they are thrown away, but they can also be put to other uses before that, especially those that are more attractive.

Going for sustainability in your premium packaging makes you part of the change. Go for tinplate packaging and take care of the planet without giving up all the advantages of the best packaging.


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