5 tips for reusing metal containers this Christmas


We love recycling and that’s why we have chosen to manufacture packaging with recyclable materials, specifically tinplate, which can be recycled as many times as necessary. But you can also recycle your own metal containers to extend their life and use them for other purposes than those for which they were created. For this reason, today we would like to take this opportunity to give you five tips for reusing these containers this Christmas. Read on and discover them below. Are you ready?

5 ways to reuse metal containers

1- As a box for your gifts

A nice can can be a very original way to wrap a small gift instead of the traditional paper that ends up being torn and wasted. The can can have other uses and because of its beautiful design and shapes it will be as attractive as traditional paper.

This way, the illusion of a gift will be preserved with a beautiful and charming packaging that keeps the mystery of what is inside it, but at the same time it will be a way of wrapping ecologically since the same package is part of the gift.

2- To bring your own sweets

If you like to cook and when you are invited to a Christmas celebration you are one of those people who bring their own cookies or sweets, metal containers will be very useful to transport them. If you’re a real cook and love to make gingerbread cookies, you can store them in metal boxes to preserve them better and keep them in perfect condition during the trip.

The metal boxes for panettones and other larger sweets are perfect for that type of product and also for carrying a small cake without worrying about it crumbling on the way or spoiling the decoration.

3- For a very original Christmas decoration

There are people who are all artists with their hands and who know how to do everything with a can. Even create all the figures of a Nativity scene or decoration for the Christmas tree. Doing this kind of work can be very relaxing for anyone with great creativity.

The tin of some containers, especially the finest ones, is perfect for this type of activities that will give the house a very personal and attractive appearance, besides being a wonderful way to recycle the container and give it a new life.

4- To give a homely touch to your dining room

Cans of cookies and traditional Christmas sweets are decorated accordingly and are perfect for decorating the Christmas table. Instead of trays for sweets, just serve them in their metal containers and they will perfectly decorate this space giving it the Christmas spirit you are looking for at this time.

In addition, it will be much easier to serve and collect the table because once people finish eating, they will only have to close the cans and the remaining contents will be preserved and kept longer than if they were left out in the open on a tray.

5- For decoration

Finally, metal containers can be part of the house decoration. These usually have a very vintage touch that is ideal for these parties, being placed in the kitchen or in some showcase. Even the empty ones will give a special touch to the home decoration.

The metal beverage containers, more sophisticated, are used to decorate a bar or a dining room with a different and very modern touch, placed between the glasses to break the monotony of the glass and provide a note of difference in the usual decoration of the house.

The metal containers as a perfect gift for Christmas

Now that we know how we can reuse the metal containers that we have at home or the products that we have bought during these holidays for our own consumption, we have to remember that these types of containers are perfect for giving away at any time and, of course, also during these dates.

A good perfume is always an appreciated gift, but if in addition its packaging is metallic it will be even more appreciated and perceived as a more elegant gift. And the same goes for many other details that can be offered during these holidays, both in expensive gifts for their economic value, and in small details, such as cookies or chocolates for friends and acquaintances. Any candy looks better in a metal container.

We hope that these tips for reusing metal containers this Christmas have been useful to you and that you put some of them into practice. Although, perhaps you have found other uses for our practical metal packaging.


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