5 reasons to leave your brand in our hands

At Eurobox we know how important is the packaging for the brands and their marketing campaigns. The image that a product offers in the market, not is only the magnet which can attract to the customers, it also is going to influence the way in which the buyer perceives the brand. That’s why, you should take care the image of your brand and choose the best company to trust a perfect packaging.

We have all what you need, from Eurobox, we can offer you exactly what you need and these are our reasons.

1. Our experience

Our experience, is the first of our strengths. Our trajectory began as manufactures in the metal sector, in the 90s we started in the specialization for the manufacture of metal packaging.

Over time and realizing that there was a sector such as metal packaging, which was not properly worked, we decided to specialize in it, striving to create the best products in this industry.

The way we work and our company philosophy, was present in the market, adopting a very personal way of working, through a direct contact with the client, being always ready to listen to their ideas and projects. If you decide to entrust us your brand, we will help you to achieve your goals.

2. Leading brands trusts Eurobox

Leaders in the fashion and perfume sector, where firms such as: Carolina Herrera, Paco Rabanne or Jean Paul Gaultier, have already trusted us to develop their metal packagings. Also, some spirits premium brands such as Bombay Sapphire or Oudinot.

In our standard range, we got the famous cigars Montecristo, cosmetics like Ponds or alcohols like Mahou or Glen Grant. We have also developed metal boxes for such sweets brands well-known as 1880 and M&M.

All these brands, let us to put on record that best-known firms in very different sectors, have trusted Eurobox. If these brands have done it, why your brand doesn’t? We are sure that we will know to be up to.

3. We offer 2 product ranges

Our clients do not always look for the same or play with the same deadlines. For this reason, we offer 2 product ranges. On the one hand, we have one economical range designed to large volumes for standard products. This products range, with amazing finishes, has longer delivery times with optimal results, 100% adapted to client needs.

On the other hand, we offer a second product range, made in Spain, with very high quality levels, designed to clients who need early deadlines or to highly discerning clients.

Both product ranges have Eurobox guarantees with high quality. The two options, are complementary, through both we manage to offer to our clients all what they need in terms of finishes and time.

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4. International recognition

Our best prize will always be to earn the trust of our clients and to help them to draw attention to their target public.

We are aware that one of the best ways to reach you and to achieve greater projection, is through sector fairs. Every year, we participate in several packaging exhibitions, such as important as PCD París Fair, where we participated recently, last January.

We have also been awarded the bronze award Pentawards, a competition known throughout the world for packaging sector. The project awarded was the spectacular metal box desiged for the perfume of Carolina Herrera 212.

5. Eurobox is connected to the last innovations

With a trajectory like Eurobox, it is essential to work for a future tailored to us.

It’s for this reason, we want to become a leading company in the innovation of metal packaging. At Eurobox, we have the best specialists in our R&D department, through which, we try to develop more striking finishes and techniques which are able to improve the current, getting unique and original products for our clients.

We are a professional team which want to progress in our work and get higher and higher goals. So that, we are always in constant movement, trying to surpass ourselves. This is the only way to get the highest quality, the most important detail which characterizes us.

Finishes and features unique that Eurobox offers to all our clients, with the purpose of all products achieve the set up goals.

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Contact us

Tell us about your project and we will advise you

Or call us +34 96 654 49 07

Contact us

Tell us about your project and we will advise you

O llámanos al +34 96 654 49 07