Stand out your products from the exhibition area of a shop

If you visit any shop, we find shelves full of products, waiting for to be chosen by the consumer. The offer is very wide and all stimulus received at shop, are designed to consumer fix their eyes directly on the product.

All this exhibition of attractions and messages, it might be that the final customer builds a kind of “sensory wall” in order to isolate himself from stimulus. Crossing this wall, to attract their attention, is the key to achieving the objectives and he takes home certain product. In this way, the importance of packaging and messages is essential.

In this post we notice some tips about how to make your products catch the attention and interest of buyers.

1. Colors: impact or subtlety

Colors choice is very important for attract the attention of a potential customer. Taking a look at shop shelves, normally there are several color tones which are thought for keeping the attention, but this detail, not is always positive.

Some designers use colors excessively bright and striking for their packaging, thinking that in this way it will be more attractive. But they should keep in mind the kind of product is going to be sold. If the objective is to convey elegance or subtlety, for example, in a perfume soft and pearly colors will work better than brighter colors.

Looking at soft color, with pearl finish, it’s possible that buyers stop in front of the product, because it conveys them what they’re looking for. The goal wasn’t to stand out by the color, sometimes, certain brands choose to stand out through the message they convey us.

2. Materials: metal

The material with which the packaging of a product is made, is another important factor to complete a product. The materials can provide to the client all kinds of sensations.

Metal packaging is often used to premium products. This kind of packaging means that the product is worth it, a high quality product, and the customer will be willing to pay more.

The difference can be made in premium products, as perfumes, and also with mid-range products, as sweets box.

Metal packaging let us get a better presentation for the product and a tin box which could be reusable after its original use.

Products with metal packaging, are chosen especially when the customer looks for a gift. Offering a more elegant presentation, the result will be more positive, although the content is identical to which another type of packaging contained.

3. Finishes: holographic effect

Playing with 3-D images, is another perfect detail to attract the client attention, and we cannot avoid keep our eyes on the holographic effect of our lenticular tin box.

The hight quality of these packaging, is due to the lenticular technique developed exclusively by our professionals, who makes striking, innovative and totally different packaging possible, which offer a premium finish able to satisfy to the most demanding final customer.

These packaging achieve an impression of depth and movement which is accentuated by the light. Through this quality, human eye is able to perceive protruding and moving images. This sensation will be increased with the movement of the product. Therefore, it seems that this kind of packaging has a certain hypnotic power, designed in exclusive to attract the attention of potential buyers, in any space.

All these features, makes holographic effect packaging, be located in our finishes portfolio of high-end range products, as for example: premium spirits. This market requires a presentation according to its quality, becoming the packaging in the perfect complement to complete a product which belong to a fairly demanding consumer sector.

Contact with our professionals in order to find the finish your products need. Get the first position in all exhibition shelves, attract attention of your target public with Eurobox Envases. Waiting for you!.


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Tell us about your project and we will advise you

O llámanos al +34 96 654 49 07