Do you need a made-to-measure metal container?

At Eurobox we are your best option. 

Knowing what is necessary to attract all eyes to your product is key to achieving greater sales, which translates into economic benefits at the end of the financial year. So what you need to do is go big and partner with the best. Do you need custom-made metal packaging? We have what you need. Don’t hesitate any longer and get a packaging to suit you and your customers. 

In the globalised world in which we live and the accumulation of visual inputs that we perceive throughout the day means that we are guided by our five senses. Is it soft to the touch? Does it smell good? Does it have an exquisite taste? Does it produce pleasure when we hear it?…? And, most importantly, is it attractive? 

The first image and impression is the one that counts the most and will determine whether at the end of the day we go for that product or person, for example. So you must strive to be a great choice for your customers. It’s time to take matters into your own hands and make them choose you over your competitors’ products. 

And how can you make it happen? By teaming up with a company that is committed to environmental protection, sustainability and recycling. At Eurobox we have been in the premium and standard range metal packaging sector for many years, so we are your best option to take your product to the next level. And we don’t say that just because, but because we have worked with many customers who have been delighted with our packaging and finishes.

In addition, we have won several prestigious awards, so we know what we do and how we must work to make your business a success. 

Why do you need bespoke metal packaging? 

If you’ve come this far, you may be wondering why you should invest in custom-made metal packaging and, above all, why choose Eurobox. Well, pay attention to the reasons we are going to give you. After that, you won’t be able not to choose us. 

As we have already mentioned, the first image is key to the successful sale of a product: the feel, the colour, the light when it is reflected, the size… everything is important and nothing should be left to chance. And before wanting to know what the final look of the product packaging will be, it is important to answer a few questions: 

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • What do I want to convey? 
  • What is the philosophy of my company?
  • Is it a product designed for men, women or both?
  • Do I want a high-end product or, on the contrary, a standard range?  

And so on until you identify what kind of product you want to promote. Then comes our job, to wrap this article in a unique metallic packaging adapted to your needs in order to attract all eyes on the shelves. 

On the other hand, at Eurobox we work with tinplate as the raw material for all our packaging as it is a highly resistant and durable component. Quality is guaranteed in our designs. Although if you want to know more about this material, we recommend you click here.  

Top Eurobox finishes with which to obtain a custom-made metal container

Having reached this point, it is important for you to know which are our available finishes to choose from for your product. In total, we have eight different finishes to achieve a totally personalised and made-to-measure metal packaging, regardless of whether it is a food item, alcoholic beverages or perfumery and cosmetics

In this article we tell you about each of them in more detail: 8 different finishes for the design of your ideal packaging. But, roughly speaking, these are the ones you need: 

  • Mirror effect
  • Swarovski
  • Glitter
  • Microrelief
  • Pearl effect
  • Flocking
  • Lenticular 
  • 3D embossing

Do you already know if you need a made-to-measure metal packaging? Have we convinced you to go for a unique design? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us and get the best metal packaging for your star product. Attract all eyes and increase the number of sales. Beat your competitors with packaging designed for your needs and those of your customers. We will be happy to help you. 

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