How important is good packaging for an ecommerce?

When we speak of an ecommerce or e-commerce we refer to an electronic commerce; that is, a space or website enabled for the purchase and sale of products online. But, how important is good packaging for an ecommerce? Is it as important as when making a direct sale? Should we also take care of all the details?

In ecommerce the packaging is as important as in conventional commerce. And it is so in any of the two missions that the packaging has when it comes to commercializing a product. Let’s take a closer look.

Packaging as an element of protection

Packaging was born as a way to protect the product during transport. This prevents it from breaking or deteriorating during the journey from the warehouse to the point of sale. This is very important, because the customer will want to buy a new article that is in perfect condition free of any damage. But it also protects the product once the customer has bought it until it is taken home

Obviously, good packaging is fundamental to be able to market a product in the right way guaranteeing the best conditions. Sometimes, these are not so much because of their physical fragility, but rather to preserve, to the greatest extent, qualities such as aroma, which is so important if we are talking about products such as infusions or tobacco. 

In e-commerce this is just as important. It is essential that the article arrives protected until it reaches the customer’s hands and in perfect condition. Otherwise, the money would have to be returned and the loss faced, which is not profitable for any business.

Packaging as a marketing element 

Packaging is not only a practical and protective element, but also a marketing element. It is part of the image of the product and the image of the company that markets it. It is part of the brand. 

When the customer enters to buy a product in an establishment, one of the first things he notices is the packaging. Therefore, its importance is vital since if it does not attract the buyer from the first moment, he will end up offering his attention to other products among which will be his final choice.

In the ecommerce may seem that this factor is not so important, but nothing is further from reality. In the purchase online, the buyer buys, mainly, with the eyes. It is not only fixed on the qualities or price, here the image is superimposed on everything else

Being able to choose between several options, he will want the one that is most striking and that attracts him the most. And this happens not only between items in the same shop, but also when you compare different shops.

Therefore, when you have your own brand with which to market your products through an online shop, good packaging is essential to generate sales and achieve success. If the customer does not receive the right message through the image of the product, he can go to another shop regardless of whether what is sold is of high quality.

The message can be very different: ecological product, luxury product, original product, modern product… but in all cases the packaging is going to be an important way to transmit that message.

The role of metal packaging in an ecommerce

Metal packaging, of which we are specialists, becomes important in the second field of influence we have just seen. Since, as part of the brand image of any company and as part of its marketing strategy, metal packaging will always give a greater sense of quality. It is a key element and reference for any business. 

In addition, metal packaging is more frequently used for premium products and that is what will be conveyed to the buyer, even when using simple metal packaging and leaving the higher quality packaging for premium products.

Now you know how important good packaging is for an ecommerce business, so if you are planning to set up your own shop and send products under your brand, we can help you create a customised, quality packaging that will match your products so that all your customers are satisfied. Contact us and we will create the perfect packaging for your brand.

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