Attract the purchases this Christmas with packaging to the height of your product

A high-quality product needs a container which match up with it , capable of attracting the attention of buyers and transmitting the impression intended to be achieved through the article. At Christmas time this is magnified, everyone is looking for products of a high standard that must have a careful and attractive presentation which will help the product look even more special.

Premium drinks for special dates

During Christmas, many shoppers take the opportunity to purchase premium drinks, either for private consumption or to give away .
At this time you receive many guests and everyone wants to have a beautiful table, with the best products to offer to your guests. On the other hand, it is very common going as a guest to your friends or relatives with some present to celebrate the occasion . It is at this moment when taking a premium bottle with an impeccable presentation, is the best idea to surprise the hosts .

At Eurobox we have had the opportunity to work with some of the best international brands and to create eye-catching packaging for their products, using innovative techniques at packaging creation . One of our many examples is the vintage packaging for the 2004 collection of Oudinot to Epernay Champagne, with incrustations of authentic Swarovsky crystals.
We also worked for the prestigious Bombay Sapphire gin, using a lenticular technique that conferred a three dimensional sensation , making this product eye-catching from the shelf and attractive to the public. This technique, performed without adhesives or glues and with high-quality results, allows to create a sensation of depth and movement , with changes in the images or other effects that will undoubtedly capture the glances of all customers.
The models of our standard range , have been dedicated, in some occasions, to such well-known brands as JB, Chivas Regal or Cardhu, obtaining attractive presentations in perfect metallic finishes for when the product has been thought as a gift.

Christmas candy boxes with a great personality

The candy boxes are a constant at Christmas , many people do not visit their relatives and friends without carrying a box of Christmas candy as present . For this reason, we advise you to choose a metal box as packaging for your sweet products, as these types of boxes are so appreciated that many people collect them and reuse them for different purposes.
A metal box makes the product look more appealing, either to give it away or to place it on your table. Besides, there is no doubt that in the usual place of exhibition, this type of packaging will stand out much more , mainly during these very special dates.
Brands as prestigious as 1880, which has a great tradition in the market of nougat and Christmas sweets , have relied on Eurobox for the packaging of their products. In this case, the brand of “the most expensive nougat in the world”, entrusted us with the creation of metal boxes for their panettone , an Italian candy which is increasingly accepted worldwide.
El Obrador de los Ángeles, specialized in Spanish sweets from towns like Estepa or Cien Palacios, known for their famous handmade tiles, are also part of our catalog. We make metallic boxes for your highest level products , achieving delicate presentations that reflect the personality of the brand and are attractive to the end customer.
Brands such as Choco Eggy, specialized in the creation of small chocolate eggs, have trust us the creation of large decorated eggs being the packaging for present their delicious sweets inside. Within this same sector, we have also worked for the well-known and popular brand M&M making beautiful gift boxes.

Perfumes to give as a gift

Above all, Perfume the most typical and profitable present at Christmas. The competition in this sector is really high , for this reason, big brands tend to invest creating packaging which capture the end customers attention.
Remember that a nice presentation , making the product look more luxurious, will encourage the purchase , but above all the feeling of who receives the present, since it will feel more special.
The packaging is essential at this moment, to obtain that the sales increase during these dates, for this reason, brands like Jean Paul Gaultier, trust in Eurobox to realize several of their packages, between which they emphasize the one of the fragrance “Classique” that has a beautiful effect pearl or the packaging elaborated with the technique of brocade for “Classique X”.

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