Tips to innovate with the packaging of your products

Getting a product to attract attention is the first step to making a sale. But it is not a question of calling attention at any price, but of doing it positively, with quality packaging that is capable of transmit the spirit of the product it contains and is, by itself, a real experience for the consumer.
Today, the competition is fierce and all brands strive to achieve the best packaging within their market niches . That is why at Eurobox we offer different solutions for premium items, medium items and for those who want to keep a careful presentation.
In any of our packaging ranges, we offer new alternatives , in addition, all our team strives to advance to be constantly at the forefront in the sector . We know that this is one of the fastest advancing fields and in which competition is fiercer.
To distinguish ourselves by the quality of our products and by innovation is our goal . We know that if we achieve these characteristics, it will be very easy for our customers to also obtain them in the work we do for them.
Innovation is fundamental for any company, therefore, we offer you some tips to innovate with your products.

Eye-catching and different effects

When you buy a perfume it is because for the aroma, and for the satisfaction that comes from owning an exclusive item that is quite a luxury. A top-of-the-range perfume is always a gift, whether to others or to yourself, so every detail of the product counts, from the bottle to the outer packaging .
It is important that the packaging is able to reflect the personality of the product: classic, romantic, groundbreaking, rebellious… to achieve this, the new printing effects are fundamental. A soft and elegant perfume can be seen represented with the pearlescent effect that can be given to the packaging that is not only appreciated with the sight, but with the touch that transmits.
The rebelliousness of an aroma can have its best ambassador in a packaging with brocade able to mix different textures and achieve an impacting result that attracts the customer’s attention and makes him perceive that he is in front of something different.
For this reason, at Eurobox we are constantly innovating and looking for new techniques that surprise the customer, that make him feel that he is in front of a cared and pampered product that will be a pleasure to have.

Transmits luxury and sophistication with top quality materials

Shines are synonymous with luxury, for this reason, some of our packaging options include this option in their realization. This effect can be achieved with a purple effect ink, which provides a striking finish, ideal for a product that wants to stand out on any shelf.
But if you also want to transmit the idea of sophistication and exclusivity , you have to resort to other higher quality innovations, such as the incrustation of authentic Swarosky crystals . This brand, famous for its cut crystals of worldwide recognition, is a reference in the world of high-end products, so it will bring exclusivity to your products.
It is not a question of the whole package shining, but of introducing some points of light which are strategically located on the basis of a gentle rain of crystals . This simple detail will make you attract attention without falling into an overloaded packaging, because by adding these crystals by hand, you get a personalized effect and high quality that give a high added value to any product.

Classic packaging with new finishes

Sometimes a container works very well, so you don’t have to change the type of packaging . This is the case of metal boxes for sweets, which, besides being very well received by the buyer, have a positive effect on the preservation of the product .
In addition, through packaging you can appeal to the nostalgia of the customer , designing vintage packaging that recalls other times that can make the final customer remember their first experiences with the product, when it was still small.
You should know that, although you are resorting to the emotional component, with a package with the same drawing of twenty or thirty years ago, you can play with innovation by introducing new materials and printing techniques more current. Through these methods, you will be able to offer an “old” look finish, with the quality that is demanded of any type of product today.
One of the examples that shows us the benefit of innovation in materials is mainly that today’s metal packaging does not deteriorate at the same rate as it did years ago and printed images can have effects that create depth or three dimensions , details unthinkable a few decades ago.