Surprise your customers with a unique finish

The choice of packaging can be made taking into account several factors such as design, style or finishes.

When we focus on high-end products , luxury items or gift products, we move on to other levels, since we are faced with items that are going to gift to other people, and even , products going rewards to the end customer buys for himself seeking maximum satisfaction.

For this reason, it is very important to provide them with a unique packaging finish that is up to what the buyer is looking for. With this, you will ensure the final customer finds a product which makes them feel special and produces satisfaction.
The wrapping , is the first thing seening and therefore, is a fundamental piece to transmit an image of exclusivity or luxury . In addition, it also feeds the feeling what is inside is worthwhile and will meet the public expectations.

Make your product shine

Shines are fashionable, trends for clothing, footwear and home accessories, reaching as well the world of packaging.
There are different ways to make a wrapper bright; one of the simplest is using glitters. These can be added to the inks to achieve glossy effects or simply adhered to the finished package to give it the desired finish.
But, without doubt, the most elegant and unique way to make a package shine is through Swarovsky crystals. Synonymous with elegance and sophistication, Swarovsky Crystal allows you to personalize any packaging with a very special touch of glamour.

It is important to note the cut crystals are added one by one, thus achieving a truly distinctive finish, which is unique for each product and brand . A touch of class that is essential, for example, for collector’s items, for special editions or for personalised gift packaging delivered on special occasions.

It is also ideal for items related to luxury and partying, such as champagne or other specimens that you can see on our website.

Pearl effect, subtle and elegant like the best perfumes

In order to achieve the most elegant and subtle finishes on metal packaging for products such as perfumes, inspiration is sought from other sectors such as automobiles or even interior decoration.

In these fields, we find the flashy and modern paints that combine metallic particles with color to achieve finishes such as the pearl effect , one of the most current also for paints in interior design.

In order to achieve the pearl effect in printing on metal, a specialized process is carried out, which mixes the printing ink with metal particles , just like in the automotive industries, but in a way adapted to the particularities of the product for which the packaging is designed.
In this way, colours with pearly shines and with contrasts that create plays of light, perfect for the colour to vary according to the perspective from which it is being seen and according to the light affecting the packaging. In any case, the result is always surprising and very striking , making the packaging stand out positively from the rest of the items on display.

Textures that make you fall in love

Not only the eye can be seduced with a good packaging finish, touch is also very present in any type of quality packaging . This is the case of finished in micro-relief , with a subtlety and richness of details that not only fall in love with the eye, but are enjoyed just passing your hand through the packaging.

Micro-reliefs , such as those made in metal containers, give a great elegance and a unique appearance to the product . For this reason, they are usually used for cosmetic packaging in which aesthetics are important and details are highly valued, thus differentiating products of low or medium range from high-end items more valued by users in general.

There are also packages in which different printing techniques are used . One of the most striking is the serigraphy with a velvet effect , which allows the adhesion of small pieces of fiber on a rigid surface such as metal. Velvet, can be combined with other printing techniques on metal , such as offset, thus achieving a contrast of textures very striking and original.

In Eurobox we are specialists in packaging, our team of experts will help you implement the advantages and benefits of packaging in all your products.