Success Story
Paco Rabanne

Success Story
Paco Rabanne

The art of embossing involves pushing the possibilities of metal to the limit and helps positioning design and innovation at the forefront.

This packaging follows Paco Rabanne’s line of geometric and symmetrical designs, as well as the unique presence of tinplate grey inspired by the designer’s metallic fashion. The central embossing is accompanied by an engraving of the Latin word ”Invictus”, evoking the moment after an athlete’s victory.


Paco Rabanne





Reach a depth of 10mm in the embossing


This embossing stands out for its depth and height, it was a milestone in the metal sector since an embossing with similar characteristics had never been obtained before and all of this was thanks to a fully automated process.


We achieved a height of 10mm of embossing which combined with the printing effects becomes an impressive visual result thanks to an innovative mechanical process, technologically developed to achieve a greater depth. For this process, both moulds and specific machinery were developed to achieve the expected result.