Premium range

Metal Packaging Eurobox

As promocional container manufacturers, we always strive to be at the forefront of metal packaging manufacturing techniques. Highest quality products and visually special attractive is being achieved using the latest market developments and our special way of adapting them, with our personal touch and exclusive techniques.

Premium and standard ranges are our two large families of metal packaging.. Let us show you which markets are aimed for each one.

Premium metal packaging

High quality products should have a special packaging. Premium range is aimed to that exclusive products, develop specially for each manufacturer. This range let us show the innovations and progress at the manufacture process

Swarovski crystal inlays, glitter or flocked finishes, fine micro embossing works and effects such as the mirror effect or the pearl effect are some of the proposals we make in our most unique creations.

All of our Premium products are completely personalized to our customers preferences and guidelines, always suggesting and showing all the possibilities achieve with our own production techniques.

Standard metal packaging

In our standard range we offer as well very care designs and high quality materials but more economical. These are suitable for a medium range products, superb presentation with no big investment, reserved for the Premium ones.

As a tin boxes manufacturer, we offer a better presentation to the products contain, specially the gift ones. P.E., tin boxes are often use for perfumes, containing different kind of products same collection. Even at spirits and confectionary products as chocolates, biscuits and other kind of sweets.

We can use tin boxes as well to keep the product qualities, for p.e. maximum quality coffee and tea, which taste and smell deserve it. Or tobacco tin box, even keeping the special characteristics, avoid enter the humidity, which is so harmful for it.

Our experience as a tin box manufacturer let us find the most suitable tin box for each product, complying all the conditions required and guaranteeing the most competitive price.