We Develop Technology

At Eurobox, we understand production as being the management of individual projects.We believe that being aligned with our clients’ objectives is essential, in order to develop with the needs of the market. This mind-set allows the creation of multidisciplinary work teams in which the clients’ marketing and purchasing department intervene with the team at Eurobox in the fields of marketing, graphic design, industrial design and manufacturing.

Premium packaging requires some essential elements:

  • The best raw material.
  • An outstanding print which emphasizes the brand’s attributes.
  • Finishes that make a difference: lenticular, holographic, velvets etc.
  • Automatic manufacturing that covers the most demanding market sectors.
  • Management of the extra parts that accompany the product: special closures, plastic accessories, printed advertising materials, and promotional items inside etc.
  • Secure packaging when it comes to transportation, in order to guarantee product traceability.

A transparent production plan based on an “open door” policy, so that the client can visit and see the progress of their project at any time during the production process.

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