Mission, Vision y Values


“Transmitting feelings through packaging”

At Eurobox, we are manufacturers of customized solutions, creating greater added value, through the innovation and exclusivity of each metal packaging, with the highest quality standards required by the food, perfumery and cosmetic industry.

We assist our clients in the development of their projects, adapting their ideas to the best options based on their target in terms of budget and design. We cooperate with current market trends, developing packaging 100% sustainables, recyclable and reusable, implementing the latest technology of the market to offer the highest industrial standards.
We provide added value to projects due to our experience, creativity and know-how. Communicating actively the status of the project to clients.


“Being on top of the European Market”
Be the European market benchmark of mid-high and high range, through the innovation and technological development, which allow us to be pioneers in the metal packaging.


“A team oriented to our clients eyes”
• Commitment to the environment
• Flexibility and Adaptability
• Effort and Constancy
• Passion and involvement
• Efficiency and Quality
• Creativity
• Empathy
• Social responsibility
• Transparency
• Diligence

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