Benefits of packaging in times of corona virus

Our habits are changing in a very clear way. Today we all worry that the products we buy do not bring any illness to our home and that is why many have begun to clean and disinfect everything that enters the home. This is undoubtedly extra work and in some cases even very complicated to carry out. How is cardboard packaging disinfected without damaging the packaging? What if disinfectant enters the interior and affects the products we are going to eat?

That is why, now the consumer not only takes into account prices, but also the packaging in which the products are presented and gives preference to those that can be easily cleaned and help them to disinfect the purchase much easier and, above all, everything much more efficient. And in this field, metallic packaging can earn many points since it has several aspects in its favor that undoubtedly favor its choice by conscious buyers.

Metal packaging can be safely disinfected

Metal containers are very easy to disinfect. They can be cleaned with a cloth dampened in disinfectant solution, either a hydrogel or water with a little bleach. They come sealed and for this reason nothing of this product will enter the interior and will not harm the food they contain.

But they are not only good for food, but also for other objects, such as perfumery, which we want to have at home in their packaging but without being a contamination problem. Especially if they are gift items. Being able to disinfect them and give our friends a totally safe gift is a sign of affection even greater than the gift itself in these times.

The metal packaging also guarantees that nobody has been able to access the interior of the product and touch inside. Something that can happen with some plastic or cardboard containers that if not fully laminated can open. This would force having to disinfect everything inside a package and could even make us suspicious in the case of foods that, although they come inside a bag, we do not want them to be in contact with other hands.

Metallic packaging can be reused

The interior of the product is therefore much more protected when we talk about metal containers. But, in addition, we find an additional advantage that is not negligible and that is that we can reuse that box as many times as we want. And with all the guarantees since it will be totally disinfected.

Consider, for example, cookies with metallic packaging. Once at home we disinfect the box and consume the product. But we can reuse the box, both to buy those same cookies in a cardboard container and for another product that does not have this presentation.

Being totally safe, we just have to get home, open the cardboard box and put the cookies inside our virus-free and safe box. Thus, we avoid having to disinfect more containers or leave them in quarantine waiting for the recommended time to pass so that the virus can lose its danger. As it is also very beautiful packaging and very careful designs, no one will mind having these decorated metal boxes in their cupboards that are ideal to serve any guest or to consume the whole family with complete peace of mind.

The metallic packaging protects the product once opened

Our metallic packagings are of high quality and protect the product once opened. Therefore, cookies, sweets or the product stored inside will be kept in good condition and, in addition, there will be no risk of it being contaminated since the virus does not have to affect the inside of the box, which only We will open to consume at home or in a safe environment for us.

This is perfect for taking our cookies for coffee time to work or even for use as lunch boxes, in a vintage touch reminiscent of the old metal lunch boxes children brought to school in the fifties and sixties. Everything will stay fresh, is easy to transport and will not be contaminated. But in case you want to be even safer, you just have to wipe with a disinfectant and we will have the container ready for use again.

With all these advantages we think that metal packagings are a great alternative against coronavirus and can help us to make our cupboards much safer and for the whole family to consume fresh products without fear of the contamination they may have been exposed to in the supermarkets.