Standard range

Standard Range

In addition to the premium range of metal packaging designed for major brands, exclusive promotions or high-end perfumes, we also have the standard range which is the most common on all supermarket shelves and which is made according to the same quality criteria. We make metal packaging that preserves the products they contain better, that protects them from shocks or that serves to make their presentation more careful and ideal for gifts. Sometimes, all this at the same time. Our great variety of models and creations and the fact that we make exclusive products for our customers make these metal containers always a good idea, either as the usual way of presenting a range of products or as part of a special campaign. In addition to metal packaging for all kinds of articles, we also make promotional metal posters for brands, which can serve as merchandising gifts.

Metal containers for better preservation

One of the most important reasons for using metal packaging, as we have said, is to guarantee the preservation of certain articles which must preserve a series of qualities so that they continue to offer the consumer the same pleasure in consumption.
A good example is the metal packaging for teas, which can be the typical ones in bags or the natural ones. Coming inside a can, the aroma and the properties of the plant will be preserved so that when a good cup is prepared, the taste will be exactly as it should be, even when it has been opened for some time.
The same is true of tobacco metal containers that protect the tobacco from moisture and the loss of its characteristic aroma. This is how you can enjoy a cigar or rolling tobacco with all its properties.

Metal Gift Packaging

Gift boxes are a common sight in perfumery. For the campaigns in which these products are sold most, there are always cases specially designed for the occasion that become a nice gift.
But brands that want to go a bit further choose metal perfume containers that achieve a much more exclusive touch for their creations and make them become a much more sought-after and desired gift. Inside the box there are usually several items from the same olfactory family and this metal can becomes, in itself, part of the gift.
The metal cases are perfect because they are practical, beautiful, they make the gift more eye-catching and they are also recyclable since the person who receives them will always give them a personal use once they have used the products they contain.

Metal packaging for quality products

Some brands choose to use the metal containers for extra quality products. This is the case with the metal cookie jars that some manufacturers use for their best items or for limited editions for special dates.
Metal ensures better preservation of the cookie, but also prevents it from breaking, so it is more efficient than cardboard. In addition, its presentation makes these cookies perfect for gifts.
This is also the case with metal beverage containers, which are more often removed when Christmas approaches. Thus, brands that generally sell their drinks in carton packs or without any packaging, we carry out promotions with metal packages that become collector’s items and make the bottles perfect for gifts.