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Our promotional containers section offers a large selection of quality boxes, with a great diversity and at very competitive prices. With a variety of styles, sizes and shapes, at Eurobox we can boast of having a box for each type of product and for each promotion.

A box for each type of product

Each type of product needs different custom metal boxes and it is something that we know very well at Eurobox. That is why we have a great variety in our metal boxes for promotions that satisfy the requirements that each product may need.

A perfumery article is not the same as a food item. Nor is the packaging of a drink the same as that of some delicate cookies. The requirements are different in terms of size and also in terms of shape. And we keep all these considerations in mind when we shape our products.
To this, we add something no less important, aesthetics. And it is that at Eurobox we care that all our boxes are visually very attractive and we achieve this by combining quality and good design. The results are visible.

Highlight your promotions with our promotional containers

We know that within the supermarket the competition is tough. That is why it is necessary to highlight the products that you want to promote with a packaging that catches the attention of the possible client. A tin box offers extra appeal and is always a good eye-catcher when making a purchase.

An attractive box can be as important a factor in selling as its own content, and choosing the right box can increase sales as much as the rest of the campaign work. The high quality metal boxes that we manufacture at Eurobox guarantee that the box is always one more attraction of the promotion.

Print extra quality to your product

A tin box will give an extra touch of quality to any of your products and with them your promotions will be more careful and attractive. The metal box will stand out among the rest of the articles and will make customers pay attention to the promotion, being a very effective claim for all kinds of campaigns.

Of course, all our boxes can be personalized with the colors and lithography chosen by the client so that the result fits in with your campaign and with the corporate image of the company.