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Promotional packaging is essential for promotional campaigns. When a potential buyer enters an establishment, the offer they have on any type of product is very wide and, in the face of this fierce competition, they must know how to stand out from the rest.

A name and the quality of a product are important factors, but many buyers decide at the last minute on aspects as important as the image the product offers. People still buy “with their eyes” and that is why it is so important that the promotional packaging is very attractive and stands out from the rest in the section.

Promotional metal packaging

The promotional metal containers we manufacture are adapted to all types of products. We have containers of different categories and prices so that they can be adapted to all types of campaigns, from those that demand an extra in demand and design to the standard campaigns, always with quality as a banner.
A promotional packaging made of metal is always a good idea and is a great attraction on the shelf of any establishment. If it is also a quality packaging with an attractive design, the impact on sales is guaranteed.

Why choose promotional packaging made of metal?

Choosing promotional packaging made of metal is always a guarantee of success, especially if the box has a high quality design that will attract even more attention from the buyer. Among the different advantages of choosing a metal package for a campaign, we highlight

The change of packaging is already, in itself, a call of attention

The customer is used to seeing packaging that, in most cases, is made of cardboard or plastic. Suddenly, they find themselves with promotional metal packaging that attracts attention because of its difference and makes them look at that brand again.

The great attraction of these boxes for customers

When the customer goes to make a purchase and finds two similar products, one with a standard carton package and the other with a metal package, he will logically find the latter much more attractive and there is a much greater chance that he will buy it instead of the competition. Especially if it is an attractive promotion where the packaging does not lead to a price increase.

The product becomes much more suitable for giving away

There are certain products that we do not usually see as suitable for gifts, such as chocolates. But if they come in a nice promotional metal package then the perception about the item changes substantially. This makes it possible to convince a sector of buyers who would not have considered the product before but will now consider it as a gift.
In the case of products that are usually given as gifts, such as perfumes, the promotional metal package makes the difference with the competition and can be the factor that makes the customer decide to buy.

We are manufacturers of promotional metal packaging

As a manufacturer of promotional metal packaging, we have a great deal of experience in making different types of boxes, in different sizes and with various types of closures. We can advise our customers to find the most appropriate one for the type of product they want to promote, offering them perfect solutions for all kinds of campaigns and articles.
Our work, always with high quality standards, can be seen on the shelves of stores throughout Europe and we have been recognized on different occasions, such as in 2016 when we won bronze in the prestigious packaging competition Pentawards, with worldwide fame, thanks to our design for Carolina Herrera.

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