Standard range

From Eurobox we present our metal cookie boxes specially designed to contain cookies and chocolates. Our most delicious boxes are available in a wide variety of models and, like all our products, can be customized to suit the client to offer a unique and exclusive packaging in its result. Our experience in the sector has allowed us to work with some of the most important brands, as can be seen in our selection of work done.

Custom cookie boxes

Personalization is key in Eurobox metal cookie tins. Our boxes adapt to your brand so that they can finally have the colors and appearance that makes them immediately recognizable to the customer. Our contribution is to improve that appearance with a high quality metal packaging that will give the product even more visibility and will make it more tempting.

With a wide variety of sizes and shapes available to the customer, finding the perfect box is easy. We adapt to all the requirements as we have previously done for very important brands that have entrusted us with the packaging of their products. Our cookie and chocolate boxes are present in many supermarkets as well as in Duty-free shops at many international airports.

Boxes that preserve chocolate better

Chocolates and cookies are delicate products. But, in addition, they are small pleasures that are enjoyed both when seeing and tasting them. That is why it is so important that they arrive at the table with their appearance intact. Broken or crumbled cookies as well as broken or flattened chocolates will not be a problem with a container that protects the interior and highlights the exterior.

Our resistant metal cookie boxes help to preserve this type of products much better and also offer them an impeccable appearance that makes them perfect for gifts. Thus they become the most attractive option of the linear also to take home.

Different styles that adapt to your products

At Eurobox we know how important it is that the style of our metal cookie tins be adapted to that of the brand or product. So our packaging is personalized. Vintage, modern boxes with a traditional air or with original shapes so that, regardless of trends or lines, there is always a perfect Eurobox product for your cookies and chocolates

.If you had the idea that metal cookie boxes could only have a traditional and classic image, take a look at our work and discover the different packaging styles that we handle.

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