Product Conception

The first product conception stage takes place at the client’s site, and only the client is aware of the packaging job in the sales and marketing strategy.

Manufacturing Alternatives

Once the project is presented to Eurobox, we consider its feasibility with the technical department. Our examination is based on the structure of the container, and we analyse its strong and weak points, in order to finally present the client with a technical report which will include improvements or changes to the original project if deemed necessary.

Design of Moulds/Tools

Should the containers be manufactured in Spain or China, all details related to their production are designed and supervised from our technical office in Benasau.

Manufacturing of Moulds/Tools

Our specialists supervise the manufacturing of the moulds and tools in both internal and external production works, where the final touches are applied in the former, as well as the know-how acquired over so many years.

Machinery Conception

In most cases, both client demand and the lines of investigation we have open imply the development of new manufacturing processes for which we partially design and manufacture our own technology. This helps us to develop new manufacturing processes that distinguish us as we offer our exclusive products or finishes.

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