Eurobox participates in a TV programme of Spanish Television

The channel 2 of Spanish Television broadcasted a programme called “Ruralitas” where you travel through the Rural Spain. It shows how people live in these small areas, where the village inhabitants have a full live and work in different projects and tasks. Entrepreneurs who bet on rural areas to carry out their projects deserve special mention.

Eurobox and Benasau

Benasau is a small village in a rural area. It is located on the north of Alicante and its population is about 150 inhabitants. Here is where Eurobox is located, next to Turisol Promociones, company from which Eurobox project arises, specialized in metal packaging.

In the programme, two Seprona Guardias Civiles visit Eurobox and make an inspection, a perfect moment to do an interview with the Eurobox founder, Mr Joaquín Devesa (Ximo). At interview, he told about his experience about setting up an international company in a small village like Benasau is.

During the interview, they check how the wastes generated are scarce and no contaminants. Wastes are typical solid wastes of this type of manufacturing which are stored according to the legislation.

One of the most interesting aspects, is knowing where the tin plate comes from. The tin plate is obtained from recycling of scrap tons, coming from production trimmings and wastes. All the scrap is grinded, to melt in the blast furnaces, and then, they become in tin plate coils, in order to be transformed in premium metal packaging.

Joaquín comments to journalists that he always wanted to have his own business in Benasau, and to live in the place where he was born 72 years ago. He also comments that, after detecting an opportunity in the sector of a medium-high level of metal packaging, Eurobox was launched to conquer the market with the objective of offering a high quality product.

Premium products present in all Duty-free shops of the world

Joaquin thought in something difficult to product with high quality required. And that’s how the idea of premium metal packaging came up. Although, as indicated in the report, we do metal packaging for all range of products, but premium products allow us to be pioneers in the metal packaging sector.

The most prestigious and luxurious brands of cosmetics, spririts and perfumery, use packaging produced by Eurobox. That’s why, our packaging is in all Duty-free shops of the airports around the world, where the brands sell their premium products.

Promoting employment in the village

Joaquín explains that the average age in Benasau, as is the case in most of small towns, is high. However, whenever possible, he recruits townspeople to work in his company. The rest of the staff is completed by workers from surrounding villages.

The interview ends re-emphasizing his satisfaction of working in his village and having the opportunity of developing his own business in Benasau. Through his experience, Joaquin shows that it is possible to create a successful and a great projection business based in a small village, without having to go to industrial areas or to bigger cities.

It concludes that an environmentally friendly industry, respecting the neighbours and the environment, is possible. Avoiding pollution, promoting recycling according to regulations of waste disposal.

The TV programme was broadcast on 10 May. We invite you to visit the video, so that, you could hear first-hand the Joaquin’s testimony and see the Eurobox facilities.

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